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Bangladesh Railway (BR) eTicketing Service - Mobitaka

bangladesh railway mobitakaAccessing GrameenPhone’s “Mobitaka” service, passengers now can advance book or purchase electronic railway tickets 10 days prior to there travel. Simply pressing *133# in mobile phone, a menu will generate windows where the customer has to finish necessary travel following instruction. After the input, the customer will have the option to either book tickets or purchase them instantly, subject to availability of tickets. An SMS notification with ticket numbers will be sent to the customer, which will be required to collect paper tickets from the train station at least an hour prior to departure. The mobile phone service provider will charge Tk 20 for availing each seat. Initially the e-ticketing service will be offered for the Intercity trains leaving from Dhaka Kamlapur, Dhaka Cantonment and Chittagong trains stations, and gradually all intercity trains will be incorporated under this service.

Bangladesh Railway (BR) would keep 10 percent of its tickets reserved for e-ticketing while the mobile company would pay for the seats in advance, said Bangladesh Railway officials, adding that Bangladesh Railway is currently negotiating with other mobile phone companies to expand the service. On average, about 53.8 million passengers avail railway service in a year. Over 40,000 people to Dhaka through Kamlapur Railway station each day.

“SMS ticketing will help passengers spare the hassle of coming all the way to the station during working hours and waiting in long queues.” Bangladesh Railway Director General Md Belayet Hossian noted. The service will be also help curd the malpractice of touting train tickets, he added.

Initially the electronic ticketing service will be offered for all the Intercity trains starting from Dhaka Kamlapur, DhakaAirport and Chittagong stations, and gradually all other Intercity trains will be incorporated under this service. It is expected that this new electronic train ticketing service will pave the way foe more new and innovative digital services for the people of Bangladesh and usher in an era of easy financial solution services through “Mobitaka.”

You can find more details in this link.
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  2. Man anything that automates using the trains in india has got to be a good thing.
    Went travelling to india a few years back and the stations were MANIC.

  3. We could do with something like this in the UK!

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