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How Much Google Know About Me

Google stored data may include your visited sites, search terms, maps, contacts, calendar, e-mail, chat history plus Google voice phone records, Youtube videos and Picasa photos, documents you store online, Google Buzz updates, and you use an Android handsets cell phone data. If the government comes with a subpoena (or even just a strongly worded letter, per the Patriot Act) Google must hand it all over. Sure the feds can get the data from anyone but Google’s wealth of information, plus its lengthy data retention policies, makes their job easier.

Additionally, all that stands between you and identity thieves is your Gmail log on and password the key that unlocks every other Google service. Last October, Google reported that thousands of Gmail accounts had been compromised by a phishing scheme that also targeted AOL, MSN Hotmail, and Yahoo. Little wonder, then, that Chinese hackers targeted Gmail when they compromised the service last December.

In Google Dashboard find out what information you are sharing and adjust your settings. Make your Gmail passwords harder to guess. If you think your Gmail account has been hacked or stolen, try using Google’s account recovery page and given Google’s recent stumbles over user privacy with Buzz, consider spreading the risk over different providers.
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Topic Under: 6/12/2010
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