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Why Facebook Off In Bangladesh

The most popular social networking website Facebook has closed by the government from 29 May 2010 for limited time in Bangladesh.

It is mentionable that Facebook was launched February 4, 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

Now approximately nine lac people of Bangladesh uses Facebook. Bangladesh Telecommunication Regularity Commission (BTRC) send a command letter to Bangladesh Telecommunication Company Limited (BTCL) and Mango Teleservices Limited who controls Internet gateway to close the Facebook in Bangladesh temporarily until the further notice to withdraw this notice. The ISP organization BTCL and Mango Teleservices authority has insured this news.

Reason For Closing Facebook Temporarily?
The main reason for closing Facebook in Bangladesh is for uploading satirical pictures of Prophet Mohammad (SM) and along with the country’s Prime Minister and ex-Prime Minister. For this, a Bangladeshi citizen (Mahbub Alam Robin) was arrested from Dhaka and was charged with posting satirical pictures on Facebook. He was taken into jail by the RAB. Robin had seven fake Facebook accounts. All seven ID are being checked now for objectionable content. Bangladesh governments have said that the access to the site will be restored after the pages with the objectionable content are removed. BTRC Chairman also said, after stopping the malicious and harmful links, the Facebook will be open again in Bangladesh.

*Pakistan also has blocked the Facebook and the most popular video sharing website Youtube after they published caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad (SM).
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