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Why Genuine Windows 7

Everyday more than 1,000,000 customers check online to see if their copy of windows is genuine. Make sure you have a genuine copy of Windows, check to see if the PC has a Certificate of Authenticity.

Better Protected
> With genuine Windows software you can be confident that you are better protected from the latest threats both online and offline.
> Help protected you from counterfeit software that can expose you to unwanted virus, spyware and phishing scams.
> Users of genuine Windows are entitled to all available updates and patches to help keep PC software current and protected.
Help When You Need It
> Support is available from a trusted partner for a more worry free computing experience.
> Genuine software is supported by the PC manufacturer.
> Professional support is available online or by phone.
> Who stands behind counterfeit Windows? No one you can trust.
Get the Most From Your PC
> A new PC is an investment. A new PC with genuine Windows pre-installed offers you the best PC experience.
> When you purchase a new PC, the OEM customizes Windows specifically for that PC’s hardware configuration.
> No annoying pop-ups reminding you that your software is not genuine.
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Topic Under: 7/09/2010
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