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Google Ebook Editions

Google wants to bring your digital book reader into your cloud. In May, the company announced planes to lunch its own digital book store, a web based effort called Google Editions. The store will open sometime this summer, Google spokesperson has confirmed. And unlike many of the current e-book options on the market, Google Editions will let you buy and use its books wherever you want.
A Different Digital Bookstore
The news of Google Editions impending debut comes from Chris Palma, Google’s strategic partner development manager, who outlined Google’s planes to flip the digital book industry upside down.
Unlike its rivals: Amazon, with its kindle, Apple, with its iBooks and Barnes and Noble, with its Nook.
Google Editions will allow you to download and read books using only your web browser meaning via any device that can surf the web: your laptop, your desktop, even your Kindle, Nook or iPad. No separate apps or interfaces will be required.
Google E-book Sales
Reports suggest that the purchasing process may also be a completely different beast. You will be able to buy your e-books not only through Google’s service, but also from the websites of retailers both big name stores and small independent shops that will keep most of the money earned.
Google engineer Dan Clancy has been cited as saying that Google Editions will offer a substantially larger selection than other e-book retailers. For publishers, Google’s approach could also mean greater control over their products and how they are sold.
Still unknown, thought is how the Google Editions user interface will work.
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