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View, Print, and Backup PC’s Driver

double driver utility software by saimoom from shinemarkDocuments? Check. Photo and music libraries? Check. Drivers? Hmm… better double check. Even if you are religious about backing up important data, I’ll wager that you have never thought to back up your drivers.

That’s an oversight. After all, if your system suffers a meltdown, you will need video, mouse, printers and other drivers to get everything up and running again. Driver discs always go missing when you need them the most.

Double Driver 4.0 makes fast and very easy work of saving your drivers. The utility scans your machine, detects and selects the drivers that native (that is, are not part of the operating system) and lets you back them up to any kind of storage, a USB drive, a network folder, and so on.

I particularly like the output options. You can save the drivers in a structured folder (in which each driver gets its own sub-folder) a compressed folder (good if you are saving to say, a space challenged flash drive) or a self-executable file (which will automatically restore every driver when you run it).

The application also lets you print a list of your installed drivers and or save the list as a text file. Both could come in mightily handy if you happen to lose the backup itself.

What I like best about Double Driver, apart from its being free, is that it’s a portable application. You have nothing to install the program can run just as easily from a flash drive as it can from your desktop.

Ultimately, it belongs on everyone’s list of must have (and must use) utilities. Take a few minutes, and make a driver backup, the system you save could be your own.

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