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HP Cloud Printing Technology

World’s largest technology company HP (Hewlett Packard) is going to introduce e-print technology. With this service a user can print from anywhere. E-print technology is a new revolutionary thinking which is an out of the box approach employed by the leader in Print Technology HP.

HP e-Print lets a person print from virtually anywhere. One of the ways that e-Print works is to assign an email address to the printer. To print, a person simply sends an email containing document to that person’s printer’s address. One can print images, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents, PDF’s and photos. A person can view and manage print jobs sent to the printer using person’s printer Job History that is available on HP e-Print Center.

When anyone sends an email to his/her printer’s email address, the HP e-Print service will securely print the email and any supported attachments. It provides convenience printing. To receive email, the printer must be connected to a wireless network. All HP e-Print enabled printers have the ability to establish a wireless connection to a network. Once the printer is connected to a network, and web services are enabled, the printer will be connected to the Internet.

A person’s email attachments will print after they are received. When a person registers online at HP e-Print Center, can check the status of his/her jobs. The time required to print may vary depending on the email service, connection speeds, internet traffic, and other factors. The e-Print service will send a print job as soon as it receives it. As long as the printer is on, ready to print, and connected to the Internet, it can process an e-Print job. If the e-Print service can’t connect to the printer, print jobs will remain on the server for 24 hours.

If anyone wants to use USB cable to connect the printer to his/her PC, will also need to connect it wirelessly in order to use e-Print technology. HP e-Print requires an active network connection to the printer. If need to check the status of an e-Print print job, has to go hpeprintcenter[dot]com site and need a printer registration over there. Once registered, easily can check the status of print jobs and specify who is allowed to print to the printer.

In simple words, it is going to be as easy as sending an e-mail to printer that prints the document, photo or whatever is printable. This new approach makes printing possible over the cloud. Though there has been a lot of buzz over Cloud computing / Cloud services / Cloud storage and what not, we now have Cloud printing in the form of e-Print.
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