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The Kobo eReader has a refreshing interface

kobo-ereader-by-saimoom-shinemark-2011At USD 150 dollar of price, the kobo eReader is about half the price of an Amazon Kindle 2. But in sprit of the unit’s refreshing out look, its usability suffers from sluggish performance and stiff buttons.

Users are greeted by a well thought out arrangement that marries shopping at the official Kobo e-books website (www[dot]kobobooks[dot]com). which provides some two million e-books with a low cost e-reader. You can access your account either via the web or via an application you can install off the e-reader.

But the bumps I encountered started with this application. The start guide does not explicitly mention it, and it has no clear means of installation. When I finally got it up and running, I found a visually pleasing yet rough interface. Still, it provides better integration with its online store than do rivals such as Aluratek and Fox-It.

The device accepts up to 4 Gigabyte SD cards and has 1 Gigabyte of on board memory. This memory however includes a hidden partition that’s accessible only via the application.

Many of the specs sound familiar a six E-Ink screen with eight levels of grayscale, ePub and PDF file support and 336 hours (2 weeks) battery life. The device’s button fatigued my hands after about fifteen minutes, thought.

Kobo excels in its interface and text is very to read, but the unit’s sluggishness makes tasks a bit harder. Kobo does offer value with its low price and easy shopping. However the Aluratek Libre Pro, another bargain priced model is much more responsive during navigation.
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