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Google TV Loaded With Blu-ray Player

A great company Sony’s Internet TV NSZ-GT1 Blu-ray Player stands out and thanks to Google TV. This is essentially android for your TV. But lackluster image quality and a high price tag about $400 USD dollars, some poor design choices and an infuriating remote control make this model a delicious choice.

In addition to streaming Pandora, Netflix and YouTube the NSZ-GT1 can handle CNBC real time, HBO, The Onion and the social network Twitter.

The Chrome browser allows you to surf the web world from your couch and stream otherwise unavailable videos such as one’s from The Daily Show site but not from Hulu.

Sony designed the NSZ-GT1 to control and stream content from your set top box or DVR. But the only video input connection on the player is HDMI, which freezes out basic cable and over the air broadcasts.

The NSZ-GT1’s remote resembles a two handed game controller with a trackball and a smart build in keyboard.

For text entry it’s the better remote control you can use.

For pausing, popping up a menu, or removing a disc, how ever, it’s the worst remote. For most chores you must hold a tiny Fn (Function) button with one thumb while pressing a second tiny button with the other. The unit’s small buttons are numerous, closely set and not backlit.

The NSZ-GT1 has no LED display to show status information. It has four (4) USB ports; one in front side for accessing easier and the rest in back side and a slot rather than a tray for inserting a disc.

The device is so fast and responds very quickly to commands while playing a disc.
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Topic Under: 5/11/2011
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