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What Are The Interesting Facts About Nokia

Everyone knows that Nokia is the biggest and most popular mobile phone producer in the world. Do you know some historical background about Nokia? Let’s see what information you do not know about Nokia history.

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Unknown Information About Nokia Phone and Company

1. In professional sense the first call was made by using GSM network with Nokia mobile phone and the person was the Prime Minister of Finland "Mr. Harri Holkeri" in the year 1991.

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2. Only Nokia produce digital camera more than other camera companies. Although not direct digital camera, but mobile phone with camera. For this reason, Nokia is the biggest digital camera mobile phone producer.

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3. The name of the Nokia corporate font is “AgfaMonotype Nokia Sans font” and its designed by “Erik Spiekermann

4. The creator of Nokia ring tone is “Francisco Tarrega” and he was a Spanish guitarist. Its main name was “Gran Vals”. The time was 19th century.

5. The standard SMS tone which is build in all Nokia handset actually it is a “Morse code” for SMS word.
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  1. Wow, I have using Nokia for 7 years already and I haven't heard about these facts. Thanks. It was interesting, especially about the first call.

  2. Thanks for the facts, but as far as I know now the company has hard times as they ahve lost a big share of the market and they need new products immediately. They are going to lauch a new mobile and they hope to get some success.

  3. Nokis is always the best.. I am loving it.

  4. But unfortunately their end day should not be far. I think Apple iPhone will taking it place soon.

  5. @Yahoo pipes "Who Knows what will happen?"

  6. @Saimoom
    Noting, just my simple analysis according to current trend. Things changes fast, especially in IT industry. Maybe Apple will also beat down by another "small knife" in the other day.

  7. @Yahoo pipes "May be, but both company are best in their own side. Thanks for your comment."


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