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Mozilla Firefox 8 Comes With Built-in Twitter Search Tool

Mozilla-Firefox-8-shinemark-by-saimoom-2011Mozilla has announced the official launch of Mozilla Firefox 8th version with a new smart look, super speed and even more awesomeness. The latest update brings with it the introduction of specific features (new features) added with some minor improvements in order to have the challenge of rendering HTML browser, users experienced moments of today.

Mozilla has partnership with Twitter in this year on a specially constructed for producing fully supports Firefox Twitter.

The new Firefox 8 browser comes with a selection of high-integration of Twitter, so people go to sites and other relevant information on the social network without resorting to the site before you get what you want to hear. The drop down menu of search engines tab in the new Mozilla Firefox 8 browser, the user enters one of the Twitter search engine to select it.

Another important feature for the Firefox user 8 is a rigid control of lateral load add-ons enforced. Now Mozilla is fighting hard against the third-party applications on Firefox add-ons install without permission. Most add-ons have a lot of problems for users in the past, such as Skype was instantly disabled with dangerous errors from Mozilla reported earlier this year when it was about 33,000 to Firefox caused an accident in a week.

By default, the new Mozilla Firefox 8 requires the user when it starts and recognizes lateral acceleration of accessories. Before the browser asks the user, the person, to disable the add-on by default so that the browser will load faster. The new self-image prompts the user if he / she wants as an add-on or not allow, and this helps users protect their invasion of the Internet browsing by unwanted toolbars and add-ons with the aim of eating the bandwidth wasting timeand your Internet connection to work.

Under the hood is, Mozilla Firefox 8 with some improvements that make the work faster and better. Its HTML rendering engine was able to load for the common use of this feature cross-source resource sites on the textures WebGL other sites are supported. WebSockets on your side also gained a boost with an updated application that uses the latest specifications of the project's needs.
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  1. I do not use Twitter. By the way, Firefox is just too many update lately.

  2. @ Android development "I do not review 9th version yet. May be it is still on 9th version. Thanks for your comment."


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