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"Apple 1" Computer Sold For 6,71,400 USD At Auction

Apple 1 (one) old computer

A very rare and 37 (1976) years old Apple 1 handmade computer sold for a unbelievable price 6,71,400 USD in a auction house of German on 25 May 2013. I think this a very lucky person because now he is the owner of a piece of the history of technology.

The Apple 1 computer was made by the founders late Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in their family car garage. According to the New York Times this is a record breaking sale in technology sector for buying old PC. It also breaks the previous record of Apple 1 computer sale which was 6,40,000 USD in auction price.

Mentionable, there are only 46 Apple 1 computers exist in the world from first 200 computers. And, the surprise able matter is, from these unique and extremely rare 46 computers only 6  Apple 1 computers are still working and these are the golden piece of technological history. And now, Apple Inc. is the biggest and most valuable company in the world.
More attraction matter is, this sold Apple 1 brand computer contains a sign of Steve Wozniak on motherboard and old business transaction papers signed by late Steve Jobs.

The winner of this record breaking Apple 1 buyer wants to remain him anonymous to the world, but his wealth source is from "Far East" and he is an entrepreneur.

I am really a big fan of him. I miss him every time while I use any single tech device. He was such a great man. Lots of respect to you Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs with Apple 1 computer

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