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Gmail Updated Their Inbox With A New Look

Beautiful Gmail logo

The king of the mailing service Google's Gmail inbox got a new eye catching design to the computer and other portable devices.

The new Inbox of Gmail coincides leaked images which is published last week, shows a standard view more to help Gmail users organize their inbox messages into categories with a beautiful horizontal tab menus and a label list which is vertically decorated.

By clicking on the horizontal tabs shows all inbox messages from that look. Now Gmail users can also customize the new horizontal tabs to show always specific senders on a particular tab, drag and drop message moving and for showing always star messages in the primary horizontal tab.

Now, lets come to the mobile side about this. Apple iOS and Android application users now have easy access to predefined smart mail labels for categories such as Primary, Social, Promotions, Forums and important updates etc.

New gmail on android and iPhone

Google Inc. announced in their official Gmail blog about their new design of Gmail and also said this will be rolling out the updates continuously. Android, iOS and other major updates will be available soon in the coming next weeks. If a user does not want to take taste the new look on computer he/ she can get back into classic view of Gmail.

According to Gmail blog, if you want to use the new designed Gmail inbox on computer in a short time, watch on the gear menu Google settings gear icon and select “Configure Inbox” when it shows in the settings options.

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