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Hashtag Feature For Facebook Finally Comes


The biggest social platform Facebook finally launches Hashtag feature. This feature will help to its users for better smooth surface conversations.

In 2007 the twitter user Chris Messina created the Hashtag feature. From that time hashtag feature has been using by other social platforms such as: Google+, Twitter, Instagram and now on Facebook.

The Facebook Inc. said that when a user mark a word in his/ her posts by “#” tag they can track their conversations by searching these hashtag or by clicking on a hashtag in a post. This option will bring up a post list including the hashtag.
Facebook’s product manager said that, Hashtag is a first step to find and discover what other peoples are discussing about an individual topic and to be participating in public conversations in facebook.
Hashtag feature works as clickable and searchable both mood.
For an example: #NASA or #AVATAR

Facebook hashtag feature live

Many other social networks already use hashtag service. Such as Instagram’s hashtag are also clickable and its users also able to write a message or post directly from feed and search results of hashtag. This is pretty easier way to discover a stream more than before.

I am using this and I personally like this feature on facebook. :-)

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Topic Under: 6/16/2013
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