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Twitter Launches Two-Step Login Verification Alert

Most awaited feature two step verification from Twitter has finally released announced by the company's blog.

Twitter start their this verification process after hacking high quality twitter accounts including The Onion, the Associated Press (AP) etc.

From twitter security team, Jim O Leary announced this good news via twitter’s official blog, and said that it is a alert for accounts to be not log in by hackers, password phishing or breaches.

The two step verification feature will be likely to big brands with a presence on the account as a good warder from hackers. By implementing this amazing feature, I can say, from now it will be always difficult to take control of a twitter account for hackers.

Twitter two step authentication

Twitter named this feature name “Login Verification” and it works like as Google’s two step log in process and something like as other's two factor authentication processes. After log in to an account by the account holder twitter will send you a message including with a special code and then the owner must enter that code to access the account properly.

This verification step is needed every time whenever you want to log into your twitter account. If you have apps that linked with your twitter account will work without any problem.

How to active twitter two step verification service:

Twitter users can easily enable this verification service from their twitter settings page. For this, you have to confirm your email address and your phone number both with twitter. While you will active your phone number twitter will send you a SMS to finish the process of activation.

Twitter mobile verification settings

Step by step process:

1. First log in to your twitter account.

2. Go to your account settings page.

3. Select “Require a verification code when I sign in.”

4. Click add a phone link.

5. Then, select your country, type your phone number and choose your mobile carrier.

6. Click Active Phone button.

7. You will be asked to enter a 6 digit special code send by twitter in your mobile.

That’s all.
Now every time when you sign in to twitter account by using your ID and password you will get a SMS from twitter including a tiny code. You just need to enter that code to access your account.

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Please let me know your problems and comments about this new feature of twitter.
Have a nice and safe day pals.
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