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Facebook Launched Upgraded Search Engine : Graph Search

What is Facebook graph search

Famous social community platform Facebook are going to launch their upgraded search engine named Facebook Graph Search on Monday. (08/07/2013)

This news announced in January 2013 by Facebook's team members. With this newly upgraded search engine you can search your Facebook social activities graph of people, images, locations and your interests.

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This new Facebook search engine allows it's users to ask specific questions.
Something like as “From my friends who lives in Bangladesh at Dhaka?” Facebook’s graphical search also shows some results by Microsoft’s search engine "Bing". This means you will be offered some web search results in-case of graphical search engine can’t find any relevant data as your search query.

Facebook graph search example

The New York Times published in their website that Facebook’s graph search is so away far from perfectness. Because, this is unable to find any information from status updates. It can not collect info or data from third party’s web or mobile applications. And the major factor is, this feature is still not available in mobile apps of Facebook.

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At last, we are very excited to see how Facebook graph search engine works at starter mood. I hope with this service we will have more detailed views when it comes on our screen.
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