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What Is Web 2.0 And Its Benefits

With the blessings of Web 2.0, E-commerce business and websites has got a new aspect in the world wide web. Web 1.0 was older and traditional concept of web designing and now Web 2.0 has some great advantages than web 1.0 that can help to increase your user conjoint. It is necessary to add Web 2.0 features on websites to gain success in online business.

what is web 2.0

The head of W3C Consortium and the inventor of World Wide Web Sir Tim Berners Lee said,
"Web 2.0 is a prime element for uprising the internet world."

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What is Web 2.0?

Web 2.0 is a revolution of website designing, developing patterns for the next generation of internet world platform. It can be conclude as another online based form of communities like as forums, social media sites, social communities and lots of services that directly target to increase creativity, visitor activity, sharing sector and services or detailed information among users.

According to Tim O’Reilly, the successful founder of O’Reilly Media and open source activities, Web 2.0 can be describe as below:

Web 2.0 is a revolution of online business in the wide variety of computer industry reasoned by moving to web world as a platform and try for understanding the correct rules and policies on that new dazzling platform.

Lets see the revolution between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 properties:

Web 1.0 Web 2.0
DoubleClick Google AdSense
Domain name speculation Search Engine Optimization Napster
Akamai BitTorrent
Ofoto Flickr
Publishing Participation
Personal websites Blogging
Directories Tagging, Label
Britannica Online Wikipedia
Content management systems Wikis
Page views Cost Per Click (CPC)
Screen scraping Web services
Evite and EVDB
Stickiness Syndication

The invention of Web 2.0

It can be assumed as the syndicating of blog or website’s content into the web feeds. It is also known as Syndicated feed. Web feeds includes with continuously updated web contents and allow your visitors to subscribe your web feeds. This is a amazing feature of Web 2.0 property which permits to manage the data of a website or blog in different contextual system.
Using and implementing of Ajax, this feature has become very easy than earlier. One of the nice function of Ajax is you do not need to reload your website after updating your site’s data.

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web 2.0 property elements

The Benefits of Web 2.0

No doubt that web 2.0 is more advance form than web 1.0 of World Wide Web. The systems and forms of Web 2.0 includes with Blogging, Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed, forums, SEO, Social network activities, Wikipedia, CPC etc. which are much updated than Web 1.0 technology.

If we sum up the difference in more details between web 1.0 and web 2.0 we can see:
Web 1.0 was a technique includes with reading, Hyper text markup language (HTML), server, website forms, web pages, hardware, net connection, Netscape etc. On the other hand Web 2.0 includes with RSS, content writing, XML documents, latest HTML5, wireless, online apps, blogging, high speed data connectivity and social communities.

What about Web 3.0?

Right now I can only say Web 3.0 is the shine future of World Wide Web.
Peoples often are asking on online about Web 3.0. I think it maybe a new door of online world when you'll have got almost everything folding and looking overcast on accessing web 2.0. Definitely you will can swim to unbelievable online data resources. In short, I can say it will come with some magical inventions in the next future world of internet.

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