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Facebook Started Money Sending Feature To Friends Via Messenger

Facebook added a new transaction facility to send and receive money through FB messenger. To transaction, user must have a master card or visa debit card. To send money first time user need to enter their card number. In iOS device FB user can setup touch identification and for additional security layer user also can setup a PIN number.

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After sending money to a friend, it will be stored in Facebook authority then it will goes to Facebook friend's bank account within 1 - 3 business days. If receiver person has no bank account attached with Facebook, money will be stored in Facebook and after adding a bank account user can transfer money to his/ her bank account.

Facebook messenger money transfer

Facebook says, To monitor and secure this section Facebook keeps a special team to check suspicious activity.

Very soon this great service will be available in Android and iOS Messenger version along with main website.

At the time of writing this news, this feature is only available for USA users only. Facebook has not shared anything about when they will reveal this service worldwide.

How To Make Facebook messenger transaction

How To Send Money:

1. Start messing with a friend.
2. Click $ icon and enter your desire money amount.
3. Click Pay from top right corner.
4. Add your card details to send money. (Card need to add only for first time)

How To Receive Money:

1. Open your friend's conversation.
2. Click Add Cart button from the message.
3. Add your card to accept your friend's money. (Card need to add only for first time)

Facebook messenger money transfer

Hope this service helpful for Facebook users who want to make transaction easily via Facebook.
Share your comments below. Have a nice day pals. Allah Hafez.
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