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Facebook Users And China Population Is Same

As we know the largest social community site Facebook founded in a Harvard University dorm room in 2004, while Chinese culture has thousands years of history. China economy has been growing faster and like this Facebook too. Guys look now, as many people China has as users Facebook has. Yes! Facebook's users and China's population is almost equal. Both are nearly 1.35 Billion.
All of them the most interesting matter is Facebook is blocked in China since 2009.

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Some interesting facts between Facebook and China

facebook users vs china population


Capital: Beijing

Total Population: 1.35 billion

The Biggest Number: GDP $9.24 trillion

Stance on Facebook: China has been
blocked Facebook since July 2009

President Name: Xi Jinping

Place of Birth: Beijing, China

Age: 61

Profession: Career politician

Spouse: Peng Liyuan

Spouse's Profession: Folk singer

Education: Doctorate in Law

Languages: Mandarin,
speaks little English

Interests: NBA, Hollywood movies
and Russian literature

Headquarters: Menlo Park, CA, USA

Active Users of FB: 1.39 billion

The Biggest Number: Market capitalization $235.73 billion

Stance on China: Facebook would
love China to accept friend request

Founder, CEO Name: Mark Zukerberg

Place of Birth: White Plains, NY, USA

Age: 30

Profession: Computer programmer and entrepreneur

Spouse: Priscilla Chan

Spouse's Profession: Doctor

Education: Dropped out of Harvard University

Languages: English,
learning to speak Mandarin

Interests: His own dog- Beast,
Taylor Swift, Star Wars and fencing.

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