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Yahoo Launches "On Demand Passwords" Feature

Nowadays internet security is a hot topic and important issue. Many company daily working hard to serve strong online security for its users. And Yahoo Company one of them.

The Yahoo Company started its new password feature named “On demand passwords

yahoo on demand passwords

In this new feature there is no need to memorize hard passwords. By using this feature yahoo users will get a system generated new one time password in mobile phone for logging in account only one time.

To use this amazing feature, users need to active “On-Demand Password” from Account security. After activating, users will get an option "Send my password" in login time. Clicking this option, user will get a password instantly on mobile phone.

yahoo on demand passwords

While writing this news, Yahoo's "On-Demand Password" feature is only available for USA Yahoo users. But Yahoo will reveal this feature for its worldwide users as soon as possible. Yahoo hopes this service will be popular and makes account more secure than present time.

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Topic Under: 3/17/2015
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