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Google Project Fi Mobile Network Is Now Officially Live

google project fi mobile network

Finally Google launches its mobile network named Project Fi currently available in U.S. only for Nexus 6 devices.

Google said in a blog post, The mobile network Project Fi will cost a subscriber monthly $20 for the basic plan including talk, SMS, WiFi which is coveraged in more than 120 countries. (see full coverage areas)
This is also including with extra $10 monthly fee for 1GB data each. The interesting matter is, if a subscriber does not use all of purchased data within a month he/ she will get back unused data amount credit refund in the account.

Learn more about Google Project Fi Plans at here.

Google says about this feature, “Never Pay For Unused Data.

google project fi data amount refund

Currently Google is working to increase the coverage with T-Mobile and Spring Company.

At the time of writing, Project Fi is serving 4G network in most major areas and 3G network in some local areas in America.

  • Request your Project Fi invitation at here

Share your comments about this new service of Google. Allah Hafez friends.
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Topic Under: 4/24/2015
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