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Selfie Stick Becoming Popular For Video Journalists

Very soon TV reporters are going to use selfie stick for reporting TV news. Already an Australian TV company hoping this technique is the future in television world.

12 units video reporters of “Sky News” in Australia already using selfie stick, the LiveU SmartGRIP.

selfie stick for tv reporters

The SmartGRIP technology offers reporters to use an external microphone along with LiveU mobile app in smartphone which will transfer HD video footage directly to the newsroom. No doubt this will replace a physical cameraman.

selfie stick for tv reporters

This system will be very helpful for broadcasting live telecast also. Sky News said “We always try to attach with new technology every time.”

Its really helpful to cast video footage almost from everywhere. Such as: in walking, running, standing mode just by holding a simple selfie stick.

selfie stick for tv reporters

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Topic Under: 6/16/2015
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