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Google Has Now A Mother Company “Alphabet”

A new mother company just placed in Google. For that, all services and products of Google will be controlled by its mother company. The mother company’s name is Alphabet and the CEO of Alphabet is Google’s co-founder Larry Page.

google mother company alphabet

So, what about Google’s CEO? Well, this valuable CEO position is filled by Sundar Pichai who was product chief and designated CEO of Google. Google officially announced this news on 10 August 2015. His birth place is Chennai, India in 1972.

Google says, from now search engine, youtube, google maps, google plus in one word all google products and services will work under the umbrella of Alphabet.

Larry Page says, still now we are the best and to keep continue this best chain we are walking on a new way. He also said, from now Alphabet is new owner of all Google shares.

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