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Happy 25th Birthday WWW (World Wide Web)

The World Wide Web (www) turns 25 years old.

On 6th August, 25 years ago the first website published with simple black text and blue clickable link in white background.

The address of world’s first website is created by “Sir Tim Berners-Lee” and surprisingly this site is still live. He also invents and develops HTML, HTTP, URL and some more type web codes.

world's first website shinemat

From August 6, 1991 to August 6, 2016 World Wide Web changed a lot. From plain text to eye catching animation, javascript effect, web applications and many more. The web developing is still progress to higher and higher.
Nowadays mobile website is becoming very popular and almost every website is responsive to all types of devices.

Thanks to “Sir Tim Berners-Lee” for changing the world. Deep respect from one of your part

Stay good pals and be healthy. Allah Hafez.

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