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How To Change Mouse Cursor On Blogger Blog

As a smart blogger or site designer you always want to decorate with new style to your blogger blog or site. Is not it? I know you are very careful to change the look of every part of the blog. One of my friend asked me about changing the mouse pointer on his blogger blog. You know, its very easy to do. So Lets do it now.

The steps how to change blogger blog mouse cursor:

1. Log in to Blogger Blog.
2. Go to Design, click Edit HTML (Don't forget to backup your template)
3. Find the following code ]]></b:skin> by pressing Ctrl+F
4. Now simply paste the below code before/ above ]]></b:skin>

/*------- Mouse pointer style start --------*/
body, a, a:hover {cursor: url(ADD CURSOR URL HERE), progress;}
/*------- Mouse pointer style end --------*/

5. Click Save Template and you are done.
Note: Change the red link with your own selected pointer link. Here are 2 websites link where you can get huge mouse pointer.

» Totally Free Cursors

If you still having problem just let me know. Have a good day. :-)
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Topic Under: 2/17/2012
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