8 Smart Steps For Blogging Success

Eight Steps To Success In Blogging

If you want to make money with your blog, building a popular and attractive blog is the primary key to touch your goal. SEO is very effective part for getting smart traffic. If your site or blog receives very small traffic rate, you will not have much success monetizing your blog. Its not main matter which way you use to make money from your blog site. But you will be success if you have good traffic to your blog. That’s why making your blog popular and upgrading readership should be your principal and main part.

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There are many ways to make your blog very popular to make some money. The first thing is give attention who is your targeted reader and who you are writing for. You should write article about something where people are interested. Analyze the web to find a suitable and popular topic. Then keep writing posts about on it. Don’t fear, remember practice will makes you perfect. Keep writing.

Remember you have to focus to your blog about common grammatical rules and sentences. Because grammatical mistakes effect SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Here are eight steps for getting success with your blog

1. Every blog readers are looking for interesting, good article or for some solution if they have any problem. So keep writing about what people are searching for. Give respect and value to your each reader and build a good relation and impression with your readers. This will increase your visitor and network area.

2. Everyone like good design, so be aware about your blog design. Design your blog in unique and eye-catching style, but not so much. Such as do not use large background, ugly design, too many widget or plug-in. It will slow your page load time. Use Headline tag, background repeat code, keep normal font size between 10-12px, use links color blue and also follow some more internet formalities.

Blog Content Or Article Is The Prime Part For Blogging

3. Content is the king for a blog. If you have not enough contents on your blog you will be not getting enough visitors to your blog. Ask yourself, will you visit a blog site if the blog have not updated with newest content or article? So keep writing and be update.

4. A large number monetization company requires the number of daily visitor to analyze their ads impression. So if there is no one to see or click your ads, visit your affiliate links or don’t read your posts you do not stand much of a chance of making money.

5. Go forward with a top level domain. Because custom domain name is very effective way to monetize and it is pretty well for SEO.
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6. Share your experience with your readers, answer their comments and feedback. Encourage them to comment your blog, subscribe to RSS feed and Email subscription, bookmark your site. Ask them about research, survey and poll. Build a good relationship with your readers.

7. It’s not a main factor where your blog is hosted. But be sure your all links and posts are indexed by all search engines. Some advertising companies require that you have good traffic, rank and your blog is indexed by search engines. So try to keep posting everyday and build backlinks by commenting other blog, keep tweaking, continuously improve your SEO, participating forums etc with your blog link.

8. Social media sites can give you smart traffic. Create a brand page or account in social sites for marketing your blog. Use social media sites such as Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Digg, Stumbleupon etc. to promote your blog.

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