What Is Alexa Rank And Its Benefits

What is Alexa Ranking System?

Alexa Rank is a system of ranking websites/ blogs which the ranking is completed on the basis of the density of traffic each website/ blog has by counting the amount of total visitors at a selected time. However for Alexa Rank to work, it should be ensured that Alexa Toolbar is installed (if not installed, install it from here) in your browser and it is running properly. Installing Alexa Toolbar is suggested because bloggers and advertising organizations like Sponsored Reviews and Blogvertiser generally concentrate on the Alexa Rank for deciding whether a review is obtained for the desired blogs/ websites.

What Is Alexa Rank

Low number (low means 1, 2, 3+ but not million+ ) of Alexa rank of a blog/ website appears to be important because, the advertising networks think about this ranking to determine the price for placing advertisements within the involved websites/ blogs. Lots of advertisers and advertising networks use Alexa Rank to determine the website/ blog’s price of advertising, for examples: Text Link Ads, Sponsored Reviews and ReviewMe are such advertising organizations. By using Alexa Rank, these organizations decide how much money to pay for an advertisement in the websites/ blogs. Hence, lower Alexa Ranking provides higher quality and inclination towards such websites/ blogs.

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The Benefits of Good Position in Alexa Rank

There are so many benefits of good position in Alexa rank as; the Alexa ranking system considers records of last 3 months once calculating the rank of a selected blog/ website. By counting last 3 months record and taking the typical value, provides logical and realistic calculation of the density of traffic of blogs/ websites. Considering records of last 3 months reduce the prospect of fabrication of abnormal hike in blog/ website logging in. Here it should remember that Alexa assess those websites/ blogs that are visited by the users through the Alexa toolbar. Hence, there are larger possibilities for websites/ blogs that have huge amount of traffic and have a best position in Alexa rank, to get bigger exposure.

Benefits of alexa ranking

Further on the opposite side, if some websites/ blogs have little bit users but through Alexa toolbar they accessed the website/ blog and the same website/ blog can get ranked top  enough. Having good Alexa rank for a blog/ website provides a hint of the rush of a selected website/ blog and the popularity of this. This popularity helps to create a decision on whether to trust a blog/ website or make online shopping. It assists to measure the amount of competition with different websites/ blogs by looking at others Alexa Rank.

Also, having good position in Alexa rank attracts advertisers and that they easily fix higher costs for their advertising in your blog/ website. A blog which has best Alexa rank undoubtedly attracts other bloggers attention and they place links of your blogs and that will increase your blog’s pagerank and popularity. As so much as promoting websites are considered, a website that has lowest Alexa rank features a high selling rate than other websites that sell same products or services. This is proved by huge marketing surveys. Better Alexa rank will increase the popularity of a blog/ website which is the exact need of the owners.

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