What Is Google Panda And Its Importance For Blog

Do you know, what is Google Panda and why this is important for your blog and internet marketing? These are sensible queries especially when people do not even know what Panda is. If you have a blog site, especially a small business blog/ website then knowing what Google Panda is and the way to abide by its rules is important for your blog marketing.

Google Panda has a lot of or less redefined SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or the ability to get web traffic to your blog. Google uses algorithms to check how best a blog/ website is and then ranks it consequently. Before Panda system, Google liked the idea of blog/ websites being backlinked, that's other blog/ websites linking back to your blog. I think you called this method affiliate marketing or backlink marketing. This is why article based websites like Ezinearticles, HubPages and Squidoo were very powerful for building quality backlink. But again Google Panda modified all of that.

What is Google Panda

Google Panda looks for certain characteristics of a blog/ website with a lot of less emphasis on backlinking. ArticleCube, HubPages and other major article directory still play an important role and can evolve to cater for Google Panda but at present small business owners ought to focus in their own backyard before observing off site promoting.
Now let’s see, what you can do to make sure Google Panda is really working for you.

Quality and fresh content/ post

Google always like quality and fresh content but there's even a lot of an emphasis on that with Google Panda. Keep in mind, post is the king for your blog. Google asks "can a reader trust this content". As example: A blog selling health insurance but it has data on diseases may not be viewed completely by Google Panda. I hope you understand this.


Google Panda appearance at how long a visitor stays on a blog or website. For small business internet marketing this means have countless quality pages full with rich keywords. Google loves looking people exploring a blog because of Google Panda uses the logic of “the longer time they are on there the more likely this blog has valuable content.”

Uniqueness of post

Google Panda rates blogs highly when their content is exclusive or unique. In others words Google is aware when somebody is duplicating post from other sources for achieve SEO rank. Remember, your blog post must be different from others and it is the main key to success for your blog.

Panda kick poor content

Bounce rate

The opposite of Interaction, Bounce rate seems at how long it takes somebody to get off your blog. Surely a high bounce rate is not good for blog. Again, more pages full with helpful information can decrease bounce rates and increase your blog’s SEO level. So I recommended you to update your blog on regular basis with valuable posts.

Conversion rates

Google always wants to know what visitors are doing on your blog. It's all well and best to explore endless pages but do visitors really do anything on your blog. Example: Click, Buy something etc.? If readers do these things on your blog then Google thinks your blog is Okay and rank your blog up consequently

Avoid lots of advertisement

Yes there's still an area for AdSense ads because of Google is the owner of it and makes money online from it but remember less ads is more. Never make your blog like a fish market with ads. Google Panda doesn't want to look your blog clogged with flashing advertisement everyplace with little space for the posts itself. Minimize advertisement and maximize your blog SEO to success.

Correct spelling and grammar

Do you know, Google really puts importance on this. It is also regarding professionalism especially on blog and small business websites. Make sure your writing and spelling grammar is totally correct, if not, Google will think that you are not serious about your blog and drop you down.

At last my suggestion is, update your blog frequently with unique contents. If you do that, Google will think that you're keeping current and giving a lot of valuable information to general peoples.

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That’s all today, Be good. Allah Hafez…


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