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How To Use Tabs In Gmail Inbox?

The purpose of this post is to help for navigating the changed new customizable tabs in Gmail. The Gmail tabs helps to organize your mails into proper categories.

I have analyzed the new look and its options, how to personalize your Gmail inbox more than before with the tabs. And, if you don’t like this tab layout, how to disable Gmail's tab inbox layout.

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Gmail's Tab Inbox wallpaper

We get lots of different emails from various sources (i.e. from friends, family, social notifications, offers, internet bills and so on). To reduce our fatigue of email inbox, Gmail decorated our mail inbox into some tabs which ultimately separate our incoming emails into proper labels or categories. You can navigate each tab for quick surfing in your mails.

By default, Google has five (5) category tabs. These are as follows:

five tabs of Gmail

1. Primary: Your general messages from friends and family members that directly sent to you.

2. Social: Emails from Google plus, other social media sites, online gaming sites etc.

3. Promotions: This tab contains emails of your deals, promotions and other marketing offers.

4. Updates: Any notifications that mentions bills, statements, newsletters and receipts etc.

5. Forums: Emails from online community, forums, groups and discussion boards.

When a new email comes into your mail inbox, Google implements it in suitable default tabs. Such as: Primary, Social, Promotions etc.
You can simply change the category tabs as your like.

● Just click on the Plus (+) sign from right side of your tabs.

Gmail's tab customize

● A pop-up box will arise.
● Now, select the tabs that you want to show in your inbox interface.
● Finally click Save to complete the changes that you have made.

How To Move Emails To Other Tabs?

After selecting your desire tabs, you can tell Gmail to put your emails in a particular tab from selected senders.

To do this,
● Click your right button on an email that already filed under incorrect tab.
● Hover your mouse on “Move to tab” option.
● Select your correct tab to move email(s).

Email move in gmail tabs

There is an alternative option to move your emails more easily. Just drag and drop your emails into another tab.

Gmail will ask you for permission about this action for future. If you want to accept all messages from that address in your selected tab, simply select “Yes”. Then Gmail will automatically store your emails from that address/ sender into your preferred tab.

Gmail msg move alert

You can select email(s) and set star and important marks in any emails within any tabs as usual before.

How To Disable Gmail Tabs Layout?

If you don’t like the Gmail's tab function and want to switch back into normal inbox layout simply do as below.

● Click Plus (+) sign from right of the tabs.
● Uncheck all tab box. (Primary is default, so you can’t uncheck it)
● Click Save to revert to traditional Gmail inbox interface.

Don’t worry, you can reinstate tabs layout anytime.
● Just click on the settings icon settings gear icon and select Configure inbox.
● Select your tabs to show.
● Click Save to bring the tab inbox interface.

Please, let us know your comments below about Gmail tabs.
Blessing pals.
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