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How To Copy/ Rip An Audio CD In Windows?

If you are a music lover then you might face the audio disk coping problem. Copying of audio disks is not easy as mp3 copying because it doesn’t support direct copy.
You’ll need to rip the audio CDs to save the tracks onto your computer hard drive. For this, you will not need to any third party software. Now Windows Media Player equipped with this amazing feature to let save your audio files from audio CDs. After ripping your audio disks you can listen your tracks anytime without inserting your audio CDs.

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how to copy audio files

1. Insert your audio disk into your CD drive.

2. Open Windows Media Player.

3. Wait few seconds to load and you will see the tracks in your media player library mode window. (press Ctrl+ 1 for library mode)

4. Now select the songs and click Rip CD

Rip audio files

5. Wait until the process is completed.

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Note: By default, all tracks are stored to C:\Users\YourName\Music.

If you prefer, you can change the location where tracks are saved.
Click Rip SettingsMore Options and click Rip Music tab.
Select Change button to mark your desired location.
Click OK.

Copy audio music to computer

How to save audio tracks in PC

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Isn’t it easy friends? Now enjoy your all audio music from your hard drive without any disk or CD.
Have Fun! Stay well and Allah Hafez.
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