2 Ways To Setup Google Plus Authorship

Google Authorship is an amazing program for webmasters, bloggers and online content creator. After setting up, when Google finds you have linked your Google+ authorship to your blog/ content it will show your profile thumbnail along with your full name in search engine results. This will make more creditable and SEO friendly your contents to generate more click on your content from search results.

Let’s see How to setup Google Authorship for bloggers?

Setup Google Authorship

A. Using Email Verification:

To verify your Google authorship by this process you need to have an email address on your own domain name (ex: admin@yourdomain.com)

Don't worry!
If you have not your own custom email on your domain you can use second option to verify your Google authorship.

1. Go to the Google Authorship page.

2. Enter your custom email address.

3. Click Sign up for Authorship

add google plus authorship in blogger

4. Google will send an email to the address with a verification link. Check your inbox and click the Verify button from the email.

5. Now Google will automatically add your confirmed email’s domain in the “Contributor To” section of your Google Plus profile.

add google plus authorship in blogger

That’s all for custom email verification.

B. Using HTML tags:

This verification process is for bloggers and webmasters who have not own custom domain. I think most users use this easy process to verify Google Authorship. Let’s see…

1. Sign in to your Google Plus account.

2. Go your Profile and click About.

add google plus authorship in blogger

3. Scroll down to Links section and click edit.

4. Now add your blog/ website link in "Contributor to" section. Make it Public and click Save.

add google plus authorship in blogger

5. Go to your blog/ website and add a link using the following HTML code in your about page or contact us page.

<a href="Google Plus Profile URL?rel=author">Your Name</a>

6. After adding the link successfully you are all done.

Do a Check. Is Everything Okay?

1. Go to Google Rich Snippet Testing Tool.

2. Paste your blog/ website URL and click Preview.

3. If you see your Google Plus profile photo appears and Authorship is working for this webpage message then everything is okay.


● Actually Google Plus Authorship works look like below:

add google plus authorship in blogger

Note: Allow some days to Google to review your information and permit to show your authorship for your content in Google search results.

I have described everything step by step. If you still have any problem then just let me know by dropping your comment below.
Stay well and Pray for me. Allah Hafez.

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