Tips To Create Best SEO Content?

No doubt effective SEO leads a blog to huge traffic. It means the more SEO friendly content in your blog site, the higher ranking your blog will be on search engine results. Actually making seo friendly contents is not too much hard at all. All you need to learn some trending keywords and how to apply them on your blog contents.
Guys here you will see what is SEO friendly contents.

seo content formula shinemat

1. Correct and rich keywords should be placed in your content. Keyword phrases should be specific. Do not use general keywords.
For example: If you are writing about pendrive, “Transcend 8GB pendrive” would be a best keyword than using simply “pendrive”.
You can research your desire keywords from Google Keyword Planner.

2. Place one of your primary keyword in your content title. Generally search engines first focus on a title of content. So make sure your content’s title crunchy to read.
Don’t spam by putting a keyword twice or three times in a post title.

3. There is a strategy to place the keywords. First put your keywords in the starting part and ending part at least one time. And second, apply your keywords several times (4-6 times) in the part of middle of your content.

4. Content length is a major factor. An ideal blog post should be at least 500 - 600 words. Remember, Google now ranking pages which have great web content with minimum 500 words.

5. Again, Meta contents still plays a major role in SEO. Meta tags are a HTML formatted code which must be added in your template or index file. This will help search engines to know what your site is about and what your primary keywords are.

Warnings: Do not post duplicate contents from others. This will mark your blog as spam.

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