How To Get Approved Blog Comments For Link Building

Link building is an essential part of majestic SEO. As you know, because of Google Penguin Update no one can able to use paid or spammy ways of link building. Google highly recommend making quality backlinks from high PR blogs and forums. So, among lot of methods to create backlinks, today we will discuss about blog comment approving methods. If you are a webmaster then you surely know that most of high PR blogs does not allow auto approving comments method.

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Create backlinks by comment on blog


Here you will find how to get your comments approved on other blogs.
1. While commenting on other blogs or forums, start your comments with respect and warm greetings to its admin or author.

2. If you know the author name then mention his/ her name at the starting of the comment. If not, then use formal way. Such as: Hi, Hello there, Hey author etc.


3. Praise the author about his blog in positive and genuine approach.
For example: “Your blog is so great and nice to look. I really like your provided services specially the free backlink generator tool.”

4. You must write a relevant comment. This will assured way to get your comments approved and published. You just need to read the title and post once to get some idea about its topic. That’s it.

5. Make sure you add your blog link with anchor title to make a quality seo friendly backlink which is our main target.

Here is ideal HTML comment backlink code. Simply copy paste it and replace it with your blog details just below at your written comments. Use different keywords in different comments.

<a href="" title="SEO tips and tricks">PROFESSIONAL SEO TUTORIALS</a>

6. While writing your comments, DON’T be large your comment if you know the topic very well or not. Keep your comments short, easy and relevant.

7. Do not post more than 2 – 3 comments in one blog. Remember, you are not a spammer. So only add relevant queries or some further details about it.


8. If you have knowledge about post topic then write comment some of your experiences. No doubt, this will make your comments published by its author.

9. Don’t write bad English. If you write bad English then your comments will be in chance to disapprove. So, take care of your spelling and grammar in comments. Be sharp and clear.

10. Don’t be an invisible person. Give yourself a digital and real identity while comment on blogs. Use your real name and portrait in your profile. If possible use your blog link and social profile links too. This method helps to point you as real human.


To search how much quality backlinks you have, kindly do a search in Google “free backlink checker”. You will find vast backlink checker tool free. Also search for auto approve blog comment site list to find out high PR blog list to comments.

Hope this post helps. If you like this post, consider to share with your friends to let them know how to create backlinks for seo. Allah Hafez.


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