Ten Link Building Mistakes To Avoid

Link building! One of the major and most highlighted part in SEO. A professional blogger or a SEO expert knows the value of quality backlinks and how it can drive massive traffic as well as improve search engine ranking also. Link building method is a part of off-page optimization.
One thing I clearly tell you that don't apply or try buy high pr backlinks because it is strictly forbidden by Google.

Note that, you have to get quality backlinks instead of just backlinks, says Google.

What is common backlink creation mistakes

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Now let’s begin to our today’s post, how to avoid common link building mistakes which can downgrade your blog ranking in search engine results page.

1. Getting backlinks from bad reputed or irrelevant websites

Never get links from awful, poor websites such as: spam sites, porn sites, casino or gambling etc. Remember, these sites are hated by Google and other search engines. So, don’t post your blog links to these types of sites if you don’t want to lose your good ranking position.

2. Paid links or buying backlinks

Are you planning to buy dofollow backlinks from XYZ company or backlink building software? If yes, then stay out of this. Remember, Google is clever than you. Search engines only like hand made and natural links. Google strictly dislike paid links and if you do this your blog site will be consider as spam and kicked by Google.

3. Links from websites that spiders don’t crawl

Assume that you put a link to a website with wish to generate quality backlink and that site doesn’t crawled by Google bot because of its robots.txt file. So, if you feel any doubt about any website regarding robots.txt allow/ disallow simply check it out using Google’s robots.txt tester tool.

4. Links with useless anchor keyword

Don’t make any link without proper keyword anchor text. If you post a link and select your anchor text “Click Here” or something like that then this link will considered as worthless one.
Here I have given the HTML code of creating proper SEO friendly link.

<a href="http://www.example.com/" title="Title Keyword">Anchor Keyword</a>

5. Image links without ALT attribute

No doubt it is true that beautiful images are attractive more than simple text links. So, if you decide to build your links with images then ensure that you have attached proper img alt tag with great keyword phrase.

Here is a sample of img alt tag.

<img alt="Img ALT Keyword Phrase Goes Here" src="Image Link Goes here" title="Title Keyword Goes Here" /> 

6. Getting links with “nofollow” attribute

Nofollow links are directly ignored by Google. So before making backlinks of your website make sure you are going through only dofollow blogs and forums.
I recommend, spend some time to research how to get quality backlinks using dofollow commenting sites and forum sites. Make a list and then start your link building campaign.

The HTML code of “nofollow” links like this.

<a href="https://www.shinemat.com" rel="nofollow">Do Blogging with SEO</a>

7. Creating backlinks ONLY from High PR

Do you know, if you go creating backlinks only from high PR sites, your website can be consider as spam for over-smart SEO myth. So, it will be good if you balance your link building campaign between high PR and medium PR both.

8. Generating backlinks very quickly

Hey dear, stop your hurry. Remember if you try to make huge backlinks in a span then Google will see your site as link farm and your blog may remove from Google index or even banned. So, no need to go faster as SEO process is slow to show its results. Just build links in natural ways.

9. Lots of link attached comments in one page or blog

As we know commenting method is smart way to build quality backlinks. DON’T flood someone’s blog with comments if you find auto approved system. This is not only harmful for your blog but also for the blog you are commenting. Your blog link can be kicked in spam list by Google. Actually, 2 – 4 links from one website is enough.

10. Always using same link to build links

Your blog contains more than 10 – 20 posts, Right? If yes, don’t make your all backlinks with a same link. Allow Google to love your all links in various blogs.
Always create your backlinks with your different post’s URL and keywords. This will mark that you are not using any dofollow backlinks generator tools or automation system.


After Google panda algorithm updates link building through article writing or guest post seems the best way. So, I would suggest you, along with other ways of link building techniques, start guest posting.

By the way, you can start guest posting from us. We allow guest posting not only with quality link building but also you can earn money too. Read our guest posting policy.

Hope this post helps. If you have any question concerning link building, feel free to share with me. Have fun pals. Thanks by Ashraful Haque Saimoom. Allah Hafez.

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