Why Netflix Offers New Ad-Supported Plan At Only 7-9 USD

Netflix is the most popular video streaming platform in the world. The platform has more than 220 million subscribers to watch movies, television programs, and various web series. This popular video streaming platform is losing its subscriber base in a big way this year. They are blaming the Corona pandemic, the war in Ukraine and Russia, and various internet provider companies as the reasons for the loss of subscribers. As for that, Netflix Company has recently laid off about 100 employees after losing many customers. But it didn't make much profit for them and after that, they lost more active customers.

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Netflix authorities believe the ID and password sharing is causing them to lose customers. Many customers don't want to spend money because of the opportunity to watch Netflix videos for free due to others' ID and password sharing. That's why Netflix authorities first stop the password sharing option and then they allow password sharing through special subscriptions. Netflix company could not increase the number of customers even after giving this special benefit.

According to a report by CNet, they are going to bring new subscription plans at half the price this time. In this plan, Ads will start showing between videos. It costs $7-9 per month in the US, which is currently about half the price of Netflix's regular plan. Currently, an ad-free Netflix subscription plan costs around $16 in the US.

So, If you want to subscribe to Netflix for less money, you must watch ads between videos. Netflix noted that, for every one hour of video streaming, at least 4 minutes of advertising must be watched. There are many consumers all over the world who want to watch Netflix videos with or without ads. It dost matter at all to them.

At the time of writing this post, Netflix's low subscription plan is only available in the United States. Netflix authorities did not say when this low-cost Netflix subscription plan will be launched in other countries around the world.

Now it remains to be seen how much this low-cost Netflix subscription plan will help them win back their lost customers. Stay well and Allah Hafez.

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