How To Clear RAM On Windows Without Rebooting PC?

Random Access Memory (RAM) is a crucial component of any computer, as it stores data temporarily while the system is running. However, as you use your computer, the RAM can become cluttered with unnecessary data and processes, which can slow down the overall performance of your system.

In this blog post, we'll explore various ways to Clear RAM on Windows without rebooting your computer.

How To Clear RAM memory without restarting PC

01. Clearing RAM via Command Prompt

One of the simplest ways to clear RAM on Windows is by using the Command Prompt. Here's how to do it:

1: Open the Command Prompt by typing "cmd" in the Windows search bar and select "Command Prompt" from the list of results.

2: From the Command Prompt window, type "echo off | clip" and press hit Enter key. This command clears the clipboard, which can free up some memory.

3: In the Next part, type "start msconfig" and press the Enter key. After pressing Enter it will open the System Configuration window box.

4: In the System Configuration window, click on the "Services" tab.

5: Check the box next to "Hide all Microsoft services" to avoid disabling any essential services.

6: Click on the "Disable all" button to disable all the non-Microsoft services.

7: Click on the "Startup" tab.

8: Click on "Open Task Manager."

9: In the Task Manager window, select the "Startup" tab.

10: Disable all the startup items by right-clicking on them and selecting "Disable."

11: Close the Task Manager and System Configuration windows.

12: Now Restart your computer.

02. Clearing RAM via Shortcut

If you want to clear RAM quickly without restarting and without going through the Command Prompt, you can create a shortcut on your desktop. Here's how you can do it:

1: Right Button on your mouse in Desktop and select "New" ► "Shortcut."

2: In the "Type the location of the item" field, type "%windir%\system32\rundll32.exe advapi32.dll,ProcessIdleTasks" and click "Next."

3: In the "Type a name for this shortcut" field, type "Clear RAM" and click "Finish."

4: Double-click the "Clear RAM" shortcut whenever you want to clear your RAM quickly.

03. Clearing RAM without Rebooting

If you don't want to restart your computer, you can try using a third-party tool to clear your RAM. One such tool is the CleanMem utility. Here's how to use it:

1: Download the CleanMem utility from the developer's website.

2: Install the utility on your computer.

3: Run the utility and click on the "Run CleanMem" button.

4: The CleanMem utility will clear your RAM without the need for a reboot.

Clearing your RAM is essential for maintaining your computer's performance. Whether you choose to use the Command Prompt, Create a shortcut, or use a third-party tool like CleanMem, make sure to clear your RAM regularly to keep your system running smoothly and fast.

Hope this tutorial helps. If you need any further details about How To Clear RAM on Windows Without Restarting the Computer feel free to ask us anytime. Stay well and have fun. Allah Hafez.

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