YouTube Is Getting Rid of Stories To Boost Shorts

Starting from June 26th, YouTube will no longer support Stories, a feature that allows users to post temporary content. Any existing Stories will disappear after a week. Actually, YouTube looks to boost YouTube Shorts.

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Stories, a feature that let users post temporary content, debuted in 2017 as Reels and were only available to users with over 10,000 subscribers. They were similar to Instagram’s Stories, which copied the idea from Snapchat. Stories were meant to help creators share updates or behind-the-scenes content to boost their channel. However, the feature never took off - it had limited access, few creators used it regularly, and YouTube didn’t promote it much.

Instead of Stories, YouTube encourages creators to use other features on the platform to post content: Community Posts and Shorts. Community Posts, which let creators share text-based updates, polls, quizzes, images, and videos, have been made available to more users and can now be set to expire after a specific time. They show up in a tab on channels.

YouTube has also been trying to tap into the short-form video craze with its TikTok rival, Shorts, and encouraging traditional long-form video creators to make shorter content as well. In February, YouTube announced that it would share ad revenue from Shorts with creators under a new monetization plan. YouTube is not the only platform that has ditched the story format that Snapchat pioneered. Remember Fleets, the disappearing posts on Twitter that lasted less than a year?

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