For The First Time, Mother And Daughter Are Traveling Into Space. Learn More...

Through the Virgin Galactic space tourism company in the United States, a mother and her daughter from the Caribbean are getting the opportunity to travel together to space. Their names are "Keisha Shahaf" and "Anastasia Meyers".

In the coming week, they will begin their journey to space from New Mexico, USA. This will be the second time for Virgin Galactic to send travelers to space, including a mother and daughter.

Mother and daughter first to go to space together

Anastasia Meyers, an 18-year-old student at Aberdin University, and her mother Keisha Shahaf are becoming the first mother-daughter duo to venture into space. Apart from the Caribbean region, this mother and daughter are also among the first to reach space, just like the previous time. Additionally, Anastasia Meyers is becoming the second youngest person to reach space.

Mayers' mother Keisha explained how they were able to take advantage of this chance. She said that she was going to the UK to get her daughter's visa sorted up. During this time, she unexpectedly came across an advertisement while on a flight from Antigua to Virgin Atlantic in London.

Seeing the advertisement, she filled out a form. They were among the top 20 finalists in the competition, she unexpectedly learned a few months later. Finally, they reached the top five. They were shocked to discover Virgin Galactic owner and billionaire Richard Branson waiting at their door one day as they were leaving their house. Branson, along with his team, came to their house and told them, "You are the winners, you're going to space."

Virgin Galactic is embarking on its second commercial space campaign named "Galactic Zero Two." For this journey, each space traveler has to pay around $4 million USD.

Prior to this, in June of last year, Virgin Galactic completed a space voyage named "Galactic Zero One." During the first journey, Galactic Zero One reached an altitude of 85 kilometers or 279,000 feet. It is believed that the second phase of the journey will be just as exciting.

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