Samsung Introduces 110-Inch UHD TV In The Tech Market

Samsung has brought a 110-inch TV to the market with much fanfare. While Samsung's smartphones have been popular for quite some time, their smart TVs have also gained popularity alongside them.

Currently, Samsung offers various types of TVs in the market. However, this time the Samsung company has introduced a 110-inch Micro UHD LED TV to the tech market, with a price tag exceeding 1.25 billion Bangladeshi Taka.

Samsung launches micro LED UHD TV with 110-inch screen

This Micro LED TV, according to Samsung, combines Micro LED, Micro Contrast, Micro Color, Micro HDR, and Micro AI Processor technologies to provide an improved digital visual experience. This type of Micro LED TV from Samsung features ultra-small LEDs measuring 24.8 million micrometers, which is 1/10th the size of larger LEDs.

Through the use of tiny LEDs, this incredible technology individually generates light and color. As a result, the brightness, clarity, and contrast levels are boosted, which increases viewer happiness. Both brightness and color purity are improved by this technique. Because of this, the real-life impact is more colorful.

The TV comes with a solar cell remote and does not require a battery for operation. Customers can charge the TV's remote through indoor light. Additionally, Samsung's 110-inch TV features Dolby Atmos-powered audio. The TV has improved customized features like Art Mode and Ambient Mode Plus.

With Art Mode, the TV can serve as a canvas for showcasing customers' artwork, digital photos, or even personal photos in a gallery-like manner. Similarly, Ambient Mode blends with the colors of the wall it's placed on.

Currently, in India, Samsung's 110-inch UHD TV is available at a price of 14.99 million Indian Rupees. In Bangladeshi currency, the Samsung Micro UHD LED TV is priced at 50.69 million Bangladeshi Taka.

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