Could This Humanoid Robots Be The Future of Car Driving?

Imagine a humanoid robot setting in car, steering us towards a future of safer independent cars. A research team from the University of Tokyo, are exploring this best possibility, as detailed in their latest published technical paper.

Humanoid robot driving autonomous car

Their creation, a “musculoskeletal humanoid” named Musashi, has been trained to drive a small electric car on a test track. Using two cameras for eyes, Musashi navigates the road and monitors the car’s side mirrors. Its mechanical hands handle the car key, handbrake, and turn signals, while its anti-slip feet manage the accelerator and brake pedals.

After programming Musashi with its all sensor data, the researchers achieved a significant milestone and that is, the robot successfully turned a road corner at an intersection, obeying road traffic signals. However, Musashi's cautious approach slowly lifting its foot off the brake rather than using the accelerator meant the turn took about two minutes.

In another test, Musashi did use the accelerator but struggled to maintain a steady speed on varying inclines. These challenges highlight work that still needed, but the researchers are very cheerful. They are planning to develop a next-generation robotic driver and software. Also aiming for even greater and best advancements.

Lastly, who knows? In a few years, you might find Musashi or its successors driving your taxi on the road.

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