Did Apple Finally Cave To Epic Games In Europe?

Apple has given the green light for Epic Games' marketplace app to be available on iPhones and iPads in Europe. This business deal comes among running tensions between the these two companies, with Epic Games accusing Apple of obstructing its related efforts to establish a best games store on iOS devices.

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The recent approval pertains specifically to the Epic Sweden AB Marketplace and does not involve Fortnite, which had previously been accepted by Apple. The control Apple exerts over the iOS app ecosystem has a point of contention among app developers and antitrust regulators.

Before this announcement, Epic Games revealed that Apple had rejected its submissions for the Epic Games Store twice, citing the design of certain buttons and labels. Epic argued that its use of "Install" and "In-app purchases" was in line with standard conventions across various app stores and platforms.

In a series of posts on X (formerly Twitter), Epic criticized Apple's actions as arbitrary and obstructive, claiming they violated the Digital Markets Act (DMA). About it, Epic also communicated its concerns to the European Commission.

The European Commission, which going investigating Apple's official app validation practices, and the ability to sideload alternative app stores, has not commented on the situation. The legal battle between Epic and Apple has been ongoing since 2020, centered on the allegation that Apple's 30% commission on in-app payments violates U.S. antitrust laws.

Earlier this year, Apple proposed changes to its App Store policies to align with the DMA, which took effect in March. These all changes included allowing alternative apps stores on iPhones and giving its users the option to opt-out of Apple's in-app payment system. However, tech company Apple introduced a "Core Technology Fee," which many developers have criticized as exploitative.

The approval of Epic Games marketplace app marks a significant development in the running dispute. It is highlighting and the broader matter of apps store regulations and competition within the technology world.

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