The First Three Apple Watch Ads : "RISE", "UP" And "US"

apple watch advertisement

Today is a big day for Apple Watch because its Friday, April 24, 2015. The officially launching day of Apple Watch.

Regarding this launching ceremony Apple has published three different advertises about the successful product Apple Watch.

Let’s watch the ads…

The first advertisement name is “Apple Watch - RISE
It shows how Apple Watch wake up you from sleep and how it helps your daily activities.

The second advertisement name is “Apple Watch - UP
This ad specially focuses on your daily movement with Apple Watch. Such as: walking, running, gym sessions, playing, working at office, riding bicycle, to find places, dancing etc.

The third advertisement name is “Apple Watch - US
This advertisement is based on love. It shows how a person connect with loved one and sending messages, flowers, emoticons, heartbeats and lots more.

All these three ads are saying a message “The Watch Is Here

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Google Project Fi Mobile Network Is Now Officially Live

google project fi mobile network

Finally Google launches its mobile network named Project Fi currently available in U.S. only for Nexus 6 devices.

Google said in a blog post, The mobile network Project Fi will cost a subscriber monthly $20 for the basic plan including talk, SMS, WiFi which is coveraged in more than 120 countries. (see full coverage areas)
This is also including with extra $10 monthly fee for 1GB data each. The interesting matter is, if a subscriber does not use all of purchased data within a month he/ she will get back unused data amount credit refund in the account.

Learn more about Google Project Fi Plans at here.

Google says about this feature, “Never Pay For Unused Data.

google project fi data amount refund

Currently Google is working to increase the coverage with T-Mobile and Spring Company.

At the time of writing, Project Fi is serving 4G network in most major areas and 3G network in some local areas in America.

  • Request your Project Fi invitation at here

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WhatsApp Starts Voice Calling Feature In iOS App

Few days ago WhatsApp launched voice calling feature in Android version. They also announced that within a short period they will reveal this voice calling feature in iOS version.

And finally it’s the time WhatsApp comes with some updates including voice calling service in iOS version.

whatsapp voice calling for ios app

Actually voice calling feature isn’t active for everyone yet. Only some users are enjoying this feature in iOS version and within several weeks all users can enjoy this calling service. Along with voice calling feature some new features has been added in updated WhatsApp. Such as: photos, videos and documents sharing to social network directly and email to friends.

Last week WhatApp’s CEO Jan Koum officially announced, "WhatApp is a family of 800 millions of active users." They are thinking after activating voice calling feature fully its users will be increasing dramatically.

Download WhatsApp for:

1. iOS
2. Android
3. Windows Phone
4. BlackBerry

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Monthly 800 Million Active Users Use WhatsApp

whatsapp 800 million active users

Popular messaging platform WhatsApp has now 800 Million active users. WhatsApp’s CEO Jan Koum said this news in media officially.

He also said, 100 million users joined in WhatsApp within first three months of 2015.

CEO Jan Koum shared in his Facebook wall, "WhatsApp - now serving 800,000,000 monthly active users. Reminder for the press out there: active and registered users are not the same thing."

Jan Koum facebook post whatsapp 800 million

Recently WhatsApp android version users enjoying free voice calling service and that’s why WhatsApp users are increasing tremendously.

WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum said, In near future WhatsApp will release free voice calling feature for iOS and Windows app. After that its user will be increasing more and more within just few weeks.

Download WhatsApp for:

1. iOS
2. Android
3. Windows Phone
4. BlackBerry

Today is "World Earth Day! 2015" Let's keep our planet clean and love all kind of peoples.

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Opera Mini For Android Got Updates

Another popular browser Opera Mini also known as data saving mobile browser just got some updates for its Android version which makes it fresh outlook with some features.

The update of this free app comes with a scalable interface which works in most high resolution smartphones and tablets along with customization options of browser layout. The new Opera Mini’s functions are easier to access on phones and big display devices like tablet PC.

opera mini android updates

The Opera Mini’s new update includes with private browsing mode which makes your browsing more safe than normal browsing. In private browsing mode it does not store or track your browsing history and cookies.

Its new "newsfeed" gives a user more fresh contents from the whole internet.

Along with above features Opera Mini’s main menu is also simplified. In start page Opera’s speed dial got a visual effect. This new Opera Mini update has a browser counter to display how much data amount is saved.

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Apple Watch Sales Statistics Of Its First Day

As we know Apple Watch was available for pre-order on last 10 April, 2015.

On its first day of pre-order Apple company received almost one million pre-orders of Apple smartwatch.

pre ordered apple watch sales report

According to Slice intelligence report the following statistics are based.

1. On 10 April 2015, Friday over 957,000 people pre-ordered the Apple Watch only from USA.

2. Cheapest Apple Watch Sport purchasing rate was 62%

3. On average, each customer spent $503.83 and 1.3 Apple Watches pre-ordered.

4. On average, each Apple Watch Sport customer spent $382.83

5. On average, each Apple Watch customer spent $707.04

6. 71% of customers ordered 42mm size case.
(Note: Apple watch has two different sizes. 38mm and a 42mm case)

7. 40% of customers chose the Apple Watch Space Grey color with aluminum case.
34% with stainless steel.
23% with silver aluminum and
03% with Space Black stainless steel.

8. The higher ordered band is Black Sport Band which is 49% in overall pre-ordered both Apple watch and Apple Watch Sport.

Conclusion: The above report comes from only pre-orders of April 10, 2015. Apple will start sales officially on April 24, 2015 in U.S. UK, Hong Kong, France, China, Japan, Germany, Canada and Australia.

Hey buddies, Wishing you all Happy Bangla New Year 1422.

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Apple Watch Is Now Available For Pre-Order

Finally the most awaited Apple Watch is available for pre-order on Apple Store begins from April 10, 2015, Friday at 12:01am PDT. Apple will start delivery from 24 April, 2015.

Currently any one can check out the Apple Watch in several Apple stores only from USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, UK, Japan, China and Hong Kong including some Apple authorized retailers.


apple watch pre order

People also can make Apple Watch pre-order using Apple Store iOS app from their devices.

Apple Said, currently this is the only way to get the Apple smart watch.

Beside the Apple Watch, customers also can place order for apple’s new MacBook. The price of the new MacBook starts from $1299.

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