Apple Releases New MacBook Pro And 27 Inch iMac

Biggest tech giant Apple brings out a new MacBook Pro which is blessed with 15 inch retina display and iMac 27 inch with retina 5K display. Along with this display the new MacBook has some latest features also.

new macbook pro and imac retina display

Let’s have a short look:

1. Intel core i7 processor 2.2 GHz and 2.5 GHz.

2. Unique and latest force touchable touchpad.

3. With turbo boost clock speed can be increased to 3.4 GHz.

4. 16 GB RAM.

5. Intel Iris Pro graphics card.

6. 256 and 512 Gigabyte of flash memory.

6. Pre loaded iOS X.

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The Evolution Of Finance

In the first age of civilization, barter system was started according to needs and demands of human beings. To remove the problems of barter system, the monetary system had been started. Slowly money captured broadly in the society the medium of exchange, price measurement and also standard of transactions. At the end of 19th century, finance became a separate subject due to spread economics actions, money transmission, control and policies of money. Before this time, finance was accepted as a subdivision of economics. The whole evolution of finance is discovered at below:

The Evolution Of Finance Shinemat

1. Origin Decade of Finance (1890 - 1900)

At the last time of the 19th century the journey of finance system was started. In the 1897, the famous economist Thomas L. Green wrote a book named “Corporation Finance”.
By this book, finance becomes recognized as a discipline. At the same decade the famous writers E. S. Mid Arthur, stone Viewing and William Dedecisol developed books based on finance.

During 1890 – 1900 of merger process companies started in USA. In 1899 J. D. Rock Feller merged Standard Oil Group of Companies by establishing Standard Oil Company in USA. In 1900 an organization was build which was known as US share market where as no other company did have yet. That time in America almost three hundred companies merged and required large amount of capital and expert managers of financial. By this time financial report was arranged and analyzed internally in the organization. Basically, from that time finance was highly approved and accepted by all.

2. Decade of Protection to Investors Interest (1900 – 1910)

In this decade, protecting the attention to investors’ interest was considered and government control rises. Liquidity protection of business, principle of cash, bill payment and financial report etc. and financial information were published and maintained. As a result business finance was being speeded out very fast.

3. Decade of Technology and Industrial Revolution (1910 – 1920)

In this decade, prime technology invention and the success of Henry Ford in 1913, huge production process was started and discovered a complete industry. The needs and demands of capital were increased due to huge production of industries. As a result, capital was collected by different financial organization, and preparing documents of deed, and looking for inventors were required. At that time, selling shares were needed. Here, external financing was given more emphasized rather than internal financing. In this decade Edman. Ilicons, W. G. wrote improved book on finance.

4. Decade of Computer and Analysis (1920 – 1930)

In this time, using of computer makes it fast for the betterment of financing progress. By using computer to collect complicated information, analysis, research and taking decision become easy.

The Evolution Of Finance Shinemat

To Be Continued...

The Ideal Introduction To Finance

The field of finance is wide and lively. It straightforwardly affects the lives of every person and organization. There are several areas and career opportunities in the field of finance.

Introduction To Finance

The financial manager plays a dynamic role in a modern business organization. Financial managers increase funds, holding money, manage cash positions, help to increase acceptance of present value and select the capital investment projects.

The financial manager has appeared as the key player in the entire effort of a company to create proper value. Basic principles of finance, such as those we will learn in this website step by step can be generally applied in business organizations of different types of uses

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Google Apps For Apple Watch Are Coming Soon

Nowadays smartphone is a common gadget for everyone and recently smartwatch is becoming popular. Few weeks ago tech giant Apple revealed Apple smartwatch. For this smartwatch many company already made their compatible apps.
Now its time for Google apps.

google apps for apple watch

Google announced, they are going to publish Google Apps for Apple watch.
Google said, at first they will bring news and weather app for Apple watch. With these two apps users can read news headlines and get notifications about weather. These Google apps currently available only for smartphones and this is the first time Google are going to discover apps for smartwatch.

Google also said, they are working on some multiple apps and within a short period they will add apps in Apple store.

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How To Use Facebook’s Free Internet Service “”

Finally the awaited free internet service owned by Facebook revealed from Sunday 10 May, 2015. The name of this project is

Anyone can use the free internet under project in available countries. To use in smartphone, users need to download and install app from Google Play Store. After installing, open the app and you will see a list of websites that you can visit or use for free.

facebook's service

On the other hand, who have not smartphone but have internet connection in mobile they can use this service by browsing “” from their mobile browser.

Note: Currently this free internet service "" is available in the following countries and networks.

• Ghana (Airtel)
• Kenya (Airtel)
• Zambia (Airtel)
• Indonesia (Indosat)
• India (Reliance - Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Kerala, Mumbai)
• Bangladesh (Robi)
• Philippines (SMART)
• Colombia (Tigo)
• Guatemala (Tigo)
• Tanzania (Tigo)

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Some Big Complains Regarding Apple Watch

Just more than one week ago the Apple Watch released in market. Many users described the Apple Watch is best smartwatch ever. But some users placed a number of complains about Apple Watch after using and reviewing it.

Let's have a look the list of complains...

1. Apple Watch does not work properly with tattoos on hand. This problem is agreed by the Apple Company. They said tattoos may interfere with Apple Watch sensors.

apple watch complains and problems

2. Some customers also complained that the feature of Apple Watch “Handoff” does not work properly.

3. Some Apple Watch owners are still facing problem with charging. They said, after placing the watch in charger appropriately it won’t charge.

4. Others said, Apple Watch Sport band won’t lock properly.

5. Customers also said, the interface of Apple Watch is little bit confusing and hard to use.

6. Apple Watch does not constantly light up when a user want it.

7. A reviewer of Apple Watch said, its working performance is too slow.

8. Several users complained that Apple Watch Sport band makes hand skin itchy and irritated.

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Windows 10 : A Short Review Of New Features

Microsoft is going to revealed Windows 10 in this summer and recently in its Build Developer Conference Microsoft company disclosed some new features details of Windows 10.

Let’s see, whats new on Windows 10?

1. Directly targeted feedback to Microsoft support.

2. Start menu comes again in Windows 10.

windows 10 features and review

3. Cortana just more super power.

4. Outlook supports third party applications.

5. A new great and attractive design to lock screen.

windows 10 features and review

6. Resizable overlapping and Aero glass options got life again in Windows 10.

7. Continuum for mobiles, portable devices and tablet PCs.

8. New updated internet browser “Project Spartan” also called “Microsoft Edge”

windows 10 features and review

9. Windows 10 is able to live stream games from Xbox.

10. Action center notifications are redesigned with a new makeover.

11. Recycle Bin can pin to start menu and taskbar.

windows 10 features and review

12. Improved multitasking desktop.

13. Windows Explorer “HOME” section in folder address locations.

windows 10 features and review

14. Touch interface for office apps.

15. Windows 10 is first holographic computing platform for Hololens.

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