2 Ways To Update iPhone Operating System (iOS)

Apple Inc. always works for their customers to serve services as best as possible. One of the apple’s successful product is iPhone. They update its operating system on regularly basis to fix the bugs, errors and to add new features. So, if you want to stay updated with latest iOS then you have to be update your iPhone device in order to get the latest operating system installed on your lovely iPhone.

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We will show the process how to update your iPhone operating system.

how to update iphone iOS

Using iPhone:

1. Make sure your iPhone has full battery charge.

2. Go to SettingsGeneralSoftware Update.

3. Click Learn More read more about software update changes.

4. After choosing the changes, select Download.

5. Agree the terms and conditions of Apple to start download updates.

6. After complete the download you will get a notification. Tap to the Install Now button and restart your iPhone.

Using iTunes:

1. Download the latest iTunes software and install it on your computer.

2. Connect your iPhone through USB cable.

3. Once iTunes detect your device, select your iPhone from devices section.

4. Click Check for Updates option.

5. If you find any updates are available simply click Download and Update button.

Note: Internet connection must be available for iOS update.
Check twice that your iPhone is fully charged. Otherwise whole operating system can be crashed.

That’s all for today pals. Hope iPhone users love it. Stay well and stay tuned. Peace and blessings. Allah Hafez.

How To Setup Virtual Private Network (VPN) On iPhone?

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a system that uses public internet network to access information and communicate securely within your entire company’s private network.
The iPhone operating system is friendly with VPN service to access your official tasks.

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setup vpn network on iphone

Here the process to configure iPhone for VPN network to use VPN service using your iPhone device.

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1. Go to SettingsGeneralNetworkVPN
In iOS 7 version, you will find the VPN option in Settings → General.

2. Select Add VPN Configuration

3. Now select your desire VPN network type tab from top.
The following types are available.
L2TP, PPTP and IPSec.

4. Now type VPN description.
Type the IP address of your VPN in Server field.
Enter your VPN Username in Account box.
Type your Password.

5. Hit Save button from upper right corner.

Configure VPN Server on iPhone

6. Finally switch your VPN to ON mode.

Setup VPN connection on iphone

Your iPhone will connect automatically to your virtual private network.

Go forward buddy. You take good care. Pray for for my family. Allah Hafez.

20+ Tips To Make Your Cell Phone Battery Last Longer

Nowadays almost every person use mobile phone and now it’s not bound in just for calling or sending text messages. We moreover use it to listen songs, browsing internet, playing games, video calling, and also do some daily essential tasks.
To do these random tasks we need a powerful battery in our mobile phone. You might know the mobile phone’s battery is Lithium Ion or Nickel type batteries. If you apply some tricks on your phone the power stays longer more than general time.

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increase mobile battery performance

1. Active offline or flight mode when you find weak network or no signal. Because, in that situation your mobile will continuously search for good network connection.

2. Turn off your mobile while you are praying, sleeping or in a business meeting.

3. Don’t use the vibration mode unless you need it mostly.

4. Full charge is always good. But, keep connecting your charger after full charge is harmful for your battery.

5. Never discharge your battery fully.

6. Keep off your display back-light.

7. Avoid long time talking on your phone. It is harmful both for your brain and phone.

8. Turn your Bluetooth power off when you don’t use it.

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9. Check your hidden applications and close them. Such as: software updates.

10. Don’t power on your WiFi, GPRS, GPS, EDGE service except when you need them.

11. Keep your display brightness as lowest as possible.

12. Avoid animated wallpaper and screensaver. If possible use solid black wallpaper.

13. Select your network type Dual or 3G to GSM mode. GSM mode use less battery power.

14. Use correct charger to charge your battery.

15. If you initialized a new battery, charge it 5-7 hours for Lithium ion batteries and 15-17 hours for Nickel typed batteries.

16. Try to keep your battery cool. Avoid long time using, keep distance your mobile from high temperature and direct sunlight.

17. Close your applications after using. Don’t run them in your background. Such as: Skype, Nimbuzz, eBuddy and any chatting or community apps.

18. Keep your battery connectors clean.

19. Don’t restart your mobile frequently, even for continuous Sim card changing. Use one Sim card in one mobile.

20. Don’t run any heavy download on your mobile even not in background mode. It will drain your battery effectively.

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21. Don’t play games on your mobile for long time. It is harmful for your entire device.

Do you find this tips helpful? Please leave your worthy comments below. Stay tuned for more resources. Peace and blessings friends. Allah Hafez.

How To Copy/ Rip An Audio CD In Windows?

If you are a music lover then you might face the audio disk coping problem. Copying of audio disks is not easy as mp3 copying because it doesn’t support direct copy.
You’ll need to rip the audio CDs to save the tracks onto your computer hard drive. For this, you will not need to any third party software. Now Windows Media Player equipped with this amazing feature to let save your audio files from audio CDs. After ripping your audio disks you can listen your tracks anytime without inserting your audio CDs.

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how to copy audio files

1. Insert your audio disk into your CD drive.

2. Open Windows Media Player.

3. Wait few seconds to load and you will see the tracks in your media player library mode window. (press Ctrl+ 1 for library mode)

4. Now select the songs and click Rip CD

Rip audio files

5. Wait until the process is completed.

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Note: By default, all tracks are stored to C:\Users\YourName\Music.

If you prefer, you can change the location where tracks are saved.
Click Rip SettingsMore Options and click Rip Music tab.
Select Change button to mark your desired location.
Click OK.

Copy audio music to computer

How to save audio tracks in PC

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Isn’t it easy friends? Now enjoy your all audio music from your hard drive without any disk or CD.
Have Fun! Stay well and Allah Hafez.

How To Stop Sudden Windows Explorer Crashing?

Windows explorer is major element of windows operating system that runs in background just after booting windows. The file name and extension of this file is "explorer.exe"
Primarily it helps to open the files and folders in your computer. If you are a Windows OS user then you might face the windows hang problem for opening too many programs, files or folders at once. Opening many programs/ files/ folders make confuse the explorer component and ultimately it crash. For that reason, you will lose your all unsaved work and of course it is very harmful for your entire windows operating system.

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Stop windows explorer crashing

In this post we will see how to prevent the windows explorer from sudden crash. Let's see...

1. Go to My Computer

2. Click Organize from top corner

stop windows sudden crash

3. Select Folder and search options

4. Tap to View tab

5. From Advance settings, check Launch Folder Windows in a Separate Process

How to stop windows hang

6. Finally click OK button to done.

That’s all friends. No doubt this trick will help to prevent your windows from crashing and protect your works safe instead of unexpected lose.
Peace and blessings pals. Have fun!

2 Ways To Full Discharge Your Laptop Battery

Fully discharging your laptop battery will surely increase your battery performance. Windows never empty your battery because when the program finds your battery charge are going down and can’t hold the power on then automatically it goes to sleep or hibernate mode. Sometimes it is necessary to empty your laptop battery.
Here you will find two ways for discharging your laptop battery fully to increase your battery performance.

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how to empty a laptop battery

A. Power Option Settings

1. First plug out your laptop charger from power.

2. Disable your hibernate power option. (Learn how to disable hibernate option)

3. Click Start button and go to your Control Panel.

4. Select System and securityPower Options.

5. Select Change Plan Settings beside from your current using power plan.

Discharge laptop battery

6. Now select Never from every options of On battery.

emapty laptop battery charge

7. Click Save Changes.

Note: Don’t shut down your laptop, just wait until it turn off automatically.

B. BIOS Screen

1. Restart your laptop.

2. Press Del or F2 button while your PC starting.

3. The BIOS screen will appear.

4. Plug out your laptop from power source.

5. Leave your laptop on that condition until the power off.

That’s all you need to do to fully discharge your laptop battery. If you have any problem please do let me know.
Peace and blessing buddies. Allah Hafez.

3 Ways To Disable Hibernate Power Option On Your Computer?

As you know, Windows hibernation option is power management option to save your electricity. Hibernate power option will keep your all open documents and programs same after your computer turns off. That means when you will open your computer after turns off for hibernation your all worked elements will remain same. No doubt, it’s a great feature of windows operating system.

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But sometimes you might need to disable your hibernate option when you want to discharge your laptop battery fully or not interested in this feature for security reason. Here we are showing three methods to disable your windows hibernate option. All methods work properly in windows 7 and other new windows versions.

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windows seven power management settings

A. Using Power Option

1. Click Start button and go your Control Panel.

2. Click System and Security option.

3. Click Power Options.

4. Select Change Plan Settings beside from your current using power plan.

Disable hibernate power option

5. Select Change advanced power settings.

6. From popup box, expand BatteryCritical battery action.

7. Now select Do nothing from both On battery and Plugged In options.

windows seven power saving settings

8. Click OK and you are done.

B. Using Command Prompt

1. Press Windows key + R to open Run option. ( windows logo icon + R )

2. Type cmd and press OK.

3. Now type and hit Enter.

powercfg -h on to On hibernate mode.
powercfg -h off to Off hibernate mode.

cmd hibernate disable

4. Close the command prompt.

C. Using Registry Editor

1. Press Windows key + R to open Run option. ( windows logo icon + R )

2. Type regedit and hit Enter.

3. Expand the following path:


4. You will see a value named HibernateEnabled

Disable hibernate option

5. Double click on it and set Value data to 0 (zero)

6. Click OK and close your Registry editor.

7. Restart your computer to take effect.

That’s all friends. Tomorrow we will publish how you can discharge your laptop battery fully to increase your battery performance. Stay tuned pals. Peace and blessings. Allah Hafez.


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