20 Points To Evaluate Employee Performance?

When you want to appraise your employee for a departmental review, a promotion or any specific reason then you have to complete an employee evaluation process that must be applied on all staff on your department.

In this post you will find the key points that should be considered during preparing the fair employee performance review report.

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Evaluate Employee Performance Report factors

The Rating Process:

Below are 20 areas of performance.
Apply all performance area with a number between 1 to 5.

1 for Unsatisfactory.
2 for Fair.
3 for Good.
4 for Very Good.
5 for Excellent.

Now, after rating each performance criteria count all in total and divide by 20.

The Performance Factors:

1. Overall Attendance.

2. Focusing on Task.

3. Behavior With Co-Workers.

4. Communication Skills.

5. Target Achievement.

6. Improved From Previous Evaluation.

7. Technical Knowledge.

8. Quality and Quantity of Work.

9. Working in Pressure.

10. Work in a Team.

11. Time Maintain.

12. Leadership Skills.

13. Dress Code.

14. Knowledge of Company Policy and Conditions.

15. Reliability.

16. Customer Support Rating.

17. Creativity and Problem Solving Mind.

18. Job Knowledge.

19. Dependability.

20. Project Planning and Implementation.

Evaluate Employee Performance

Now, after calculating the performance report as showing above, give it a comment as below.

1 Point for “Required Training and Improvement.
2 Point for “Meets Just Some Functions.
3 Point for “Standard, Need More Training.
4 Point for “Very Good, Meets Almost Everything.
5 Point for “Exceptional, Fully Meets All Job Requirements.

Hope this helps. If you get anything wrong or need to correct please let us know. Have a nice day, Allah Hafez pals.

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How To Report A Broken Feature On Facebook?

Lots of features are running and huge contents are sharing on Facebook every minute such as status updates, photos, links and so on. Facebook users need to click the links to view the shared contents that posted by their friends. Sometimes these links shows an error page and says that the link is broken or something is not working properly. This happens for various reasons such as, deleting the contents, occasionally timing results or for any unconscious technical reason. Whatever the reason is, if you wish to help and let Facebook know to remove or fix any problem that is not working properly then Facebook Help Center always welcome you warmly.

facebook problem reporting

The Process You Need To Follow…

1. Log in to your Facebook account.

2. Click the drop down option from top right corner.

3. Select "Report a problem."

report facebook problem

4. Click "Something Isn't Working" link.

5. Now select the service/ product where you faced the problem from “Where is the problem” menu.

6. Second, write a short description about your problem in “What’s Happened?” box.

7. If you wish you can upload a screenshot of your problem page in jpeg or png format.

8. Finally click Send button to let Facebook know about your problem.

how to report a problem to facebook

Note: After successfully submitted your report a Thank you message will be appear and note that they will not reply or contact with you individually.

That’s all friends. Stay tuned ShineMat. Allah Hafez…

How To Submit Your Site In DMOZ Directory?

DMOZ is a popular open directory project and a editors web directory. It allows users to submit their website in a suitable category. Actually DMOZ does not allow all submitted websites in their directory. Website or blog editors need to go through submitting process and then DMOZ authority examine sites as per their policy and requirements to allow or disallow.
One thing is true; getting DMOZ listing will mark your site is really valuable.

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submit blog to dmoz directory

The Basic Instructions Need To Follow:

1. Go to DMOZ.org

2. Click the category that mostly suits with your site topic. You can choose sub-category if available for your site topic.

3. After selecting your category check and ensure that your website is not already submitted before.

4. Now select "Suggest URL" from top.

5. Type your site’s address and other required fields. Such as: site description, type of link etc.

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6. Next, type your valid email address and enter the captcha words.

7. Finally click "Submit" button to submit your site in your preferred category editors list.

8. Wait for confirmation message in your email whether your site is accepted or rejected.

Have fun pals… Allah Hafez.

How Much Internet Data Is Generated On Every Minute?

60 seconds... It’s small but in online world it’s really big. Nowadays internet is a second globe and every second happen a lot of activities among internet users. Such as, Social media seems like a virtual city where almost everyone is connected and shares their life stream frequently. Amazon.com is a global marketplace where you can buy everything through your mouse click and YouTube is a largest video sharing website where users upload 72 hours of video clip within just one minute.

what happens in internet world

Hold on! I am not done yet.
Currently (2014) 2.4 billion peoples are using internet. This amount grew 14.3% from 2013.
We are now exploring what happens within one minute in internet world.

1. Google receives over 4,000,000 search queries.

2. Facebook users share 2,460,000 contents.

3. YouTube users upload over 4320 minutes of new video clips.

4. Around 204,000,000 E-mails send by users.

5. Apple users download over 48,000 apps for their devices.

6. Amazon.com makes $83,000 in sales.

7. Twitter users share 277,000 tweets.

8. Skype users connect 1,398,000 minutes in total.

9.  WhatsApp users share 347,222 images.

sleep social media icons

10. Pinterest users pin over 3,400 images.

11. Vine users share 8,500 short videos.

12. Instagram users share 216,000 new photos.

13. Pandora users listen 3,672,000 minutes of online music.

14. Tinder swipe 416,667 times by its users.

15. Yelp users post 26,380 online reviews.

Hey guys, isn’t it an incredible amount of online data generated by global 2.4 billion internet users? If you have something to say share it in below.

Have fun and stay well. Allah Hafez.

How To Get Backlinks From YouTube?

As you know backlinks are inbound links from others sites to your website and it plays an important part to increase your ranking on major search engine results. A quality and matured links pointing to your website is a strong vote for ranking up your website. YouTube is biggest video sharing website in the world and it can be a great source to get a powerful backlink pointing to your website directly. So let’s see some ways to get quality backlinks to your website for boosting your traffic.

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get backlinks from youtube

1. Always try to upload new videos that are really interesting and useful. After uploading include your website URL into the description or resource box. This will mark your website link as a backlink.
Remember, on YouTube, videos are the content and content is always the king. So upload new videos everyday.

2. Make your YouTube profile full complete. Enter your website’s address in the website section of your profile. I think this is mandatory.

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3. You can add your website URL in your video title along with your main video title.
For example: “The Amazing Spider-Man (www.ShineMat.com)”

4. Comment on most viewed or most discussed videos including your website URL as your signature.
For example: "your comment | www.xyz.com"

5. On your blog embed youtube videos with proper embed code from youtube. Because habitually it shows the random website addresses linking to a exacting video. It helps to build new backlinks from Youtube.

Let us know your comments at below. Stay well and be healthy. Allah Hafez…

How To Maximize Website Trust Rank?

If you are able to increase your website trust rank you will get higher traffic from search engine result pages. Major search engines use TrustRank to verify users’ faith and activities on a website. Website TrustRank is numerical value gives by search engines assigned on website/ blog contents and other several places into your website. So, it is important to develop your website’s trust rank.

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Here we are going to discuss about some recommendations to get better website TrustRank.

improve website trust rank

1. First, create backlinks from great sites and blogs. Backlinks is also called incoming links that directly pointing to your website. Search engine spiders consider the quality backlinks and decide the trust rank. That’s not mean lots of backlinks can improve your trust rank but it may give you penalize from search engines. However a single quality backlink can increase your trust rank instead of creating lots of obscure backlinks. Quality and high trusted incoming link source is like .gov, .edu or any highly ranked websites. So, generate your quality backlinks to boost up your both SEO rank and TrustRank.

2. If possible buy old domain names instead of new ones. Search engine robots reduce the SEO TrustRank of new domains. If you have registered a domain few years ago but not used yet you can also use it to make your Trust Rank stronger.

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3. It is important to use SSL (Secured Socket Layer) certificate if your website accept users personal identity or information such as: email id, credit card number, phone number or social profile. If you are not expert on this we recommended to contact with your web hosting and development company to setup SSL certificate system. Remember, everyone love strong security.

4. To make your website’s trust rank healthy you must include About us, Contact us page in your company website and even if its your personal blog. The following pages should include your company details, history, virtual communication process and if possible add your physical office address. This will strong your trust rank not only for search engines but also for your customers and readers.

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Need to say something? Share with us using comment form below. Have fun! Allah Hafez.

Facebook’s CEO Is Now Richer Than Google And Amazon Founders

The founder and CEO of Facebook “Mark Zuckerberg” is now owner of 33.3 billion US dollar. He reached this amazing wealth milestone on 17 July 2014. The more surprising matter is this fortune wealth is more than Google founders and Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos.

● Larry Page ($33.2 billion), Google.com
● Sergey Brin ($32.9 billion), Google.com
● Jeff Bezos ($32.3 billion), Amazon.com

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mark zuckerberg worth report

In ranking position, Mark Zuckerberg at no. 16 where Google founders are at 17th and 18th and Amazon founder at 20th rank.

According to businessinsider.com, if stocks of Facebook share rise at $200 then Mark Zuckerberg will be the top richest man in the world which will cross Bill Gates, Carlos Slim or Amancio Ortega wealth value.

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