How To Prevent Headaches While Using A Computer?

Almost everyone face the headache problem while working on their computer. Sometimes it happens when your eyes got very pressure from your monitor.
So first tricks to remove headaches is you must minimize display brightness as lower as possible.

Now come to the main point. After reducing display brightness, if you still feel headache problem when you are working on computer, what should you do?
Well, here are the one natural way how to remove headaches fast. Let’s see…

remove Headaches While Using A Computer

It called 30/30/30 method. It means after every 30 minutes of working on computer for 30 seconds try to see anything approximately 30 or 20 feet distance from you.
At last blink your eyes rapidly for some seconds. Apply this method whole time you are working.

Hope this will helps to remove headaches naturally.
Stay well friends. Do comment about this. Allah Hafez…

How To Check Your SIM Is Biometric Registered Successfully

In Bangladesh each SIM card is required to re-verify in biometric system. It is mandatory says the government of Bangladesh.
Sometimes some SIM registration process can’t be done successfully for network problem, data corrupt, wrong information, pending status etc.

Here we are showing how you can check whether your SIM card is registered successfully or not from your home.

SIM card biometric registration status check in bangladesh

1. Grameenphone

Go to message option and write reg and send to 4949. In reply message you are able to know whether your SIM is registered or not.

2. Banglalink

Banglalink users just need to dial *1600*1# and in reply message you can see the registration status.

3. Robi

For Robi users dial *1600*1# and press yes button. A reply message will show you about your registration status.

4. Airtel

For Airtel users need to dial *121*444# and press yes button. Wait for reply message which will tell you about the registration status.

Yet there is no way to check about Teletalk and Citycell biometric registration status.

Hope this helps. Stay well and healthy. Allah hafez...

3 Things You Should Not Do After 10 PM

After working whole day, now you are in home and its 10 PM on your clock and you are still wearing your undergarments. It’s not perfect. Do you know, it is a bad habit and also it can be harmful for your health. There are some more things you should not do after 10 o’clock at night. If you’ll do, it can disturb your sleep, mind or overall your entire health.

do not do after 10pm shinemat

1. Specially Say NO To Smoking After Night 10

Many peoples have a habit to smoke after dinner or late night. Research says, night smokers feel more tired than non-smokers at morning. Moreover, the sleeping levels of smokers are very low which is very bad for health even it can increase the change of Type 2 diabetes or sudden brain stroke.

2. NO Meat Or Hard Food At Night

Remember, night is best time for perfect relaxation and so for your body. So, never eat so much and do not eat hard food which can busy your stomach for long time to digestion. Eat fresh vegetables and light food.

3. NO MORE Undergarments After 10 PM

It’s time to open your cloths. Ha Ha Ha… Don’t fear. I am just kidding.
Well seriously, turn off your bra, panties, underwear at night. Because, these types of cloths are very tight with body and it can disturb your blood circulation at night while sleeping. Just release your body from tight cloths. Try to wear simple and loose-fitting dresses.

Hope you enjoyed to read. Please share and comment below.
Have fun and of course sleep well at night…
Sweet dreams… Allah Hafez.

15 Interesting Information You Don’t Know About Eyes

Have you ever think how much interesting and valuable part the eyes in our body? It’s a simple and small pair that makes us very beautiful and to see beautiful elements. Only for the eyes millions of information we collect daily in our brain. There are lots of interesting and unknown information we’ll share here today about the eyes. Let’s read them…


1. The human eyes can separate around 10 million colors.

2. Peoples with blue eyes can drink more alcohol than normal men.

3.  Peoples who have blue eyes is very emotional.

4. The eyes of ostrich is bigger than its brain.

5. The eyes of Albert Einstein is stored in a museum of New York.

6. Honey bees have five eyes.

7. Dolphins sleep with one open eye.

8. Cats have three part of eyelid.

9. Only 2 percent peoples has green eyes in the world.

10. Human eyes is 576 mega pixel camera.

11. The 10 percent of your total walk you go with your close eyes by blinking your eyes.

12. Some animals can throw blood from eyes to escape from hunter.

13. What do you see after closing your eyes? It’s NOT black color. It’s “Eigengrau” color.

14. Carrot can not increase eyes power.

15. Squid’s eyes are something looks like Volleyball size.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Share this with your friends or comment on it below… have fun buddies.

The Coming iPhone Is 5SE

Tech giant Apple is going to reveal the next iPhone. Its model name will be iPhone 5SE. This is the upgraded version of iPhone 5S. Just couple of days ago media released this news as it will be the iPhone 6C.

iphone 5se

The “SE” suffix is described in two ways by Apple Company as “Special Edition” and “Enhanced”. So, simply you can say this is the special edition of iPhone 5S.

The designing dimension of 5SE is based on 5S version. Its primary camera will be 8MP and front camera 1.2MP with big panorama system for quality photos and videos, Autofocus system, Barometer app for health tracking, Near Field Communication (NFC) system for Apple pay.

Sources have provided that within March or April of this year this new upgraded version will be released.

Have you enjoyed this news? Simply share your views with us or your friends. Stay well. Allah Hafez.

12 Lovely And Inspirational Speech You Should Say To Your Husband/ Boyfriend

Who don’t want to listen own praise? If you think only women are like to listen her praise from her husband/ boyfriend or near ones then you are probably wrong. Beside of women, men also like this matter. In fact they want it as most as girls want.

So, if you want to make your love juicier then usually speak up the following saying to your husband/ boyfriend.

speech sayings for happy couple

1. If your man did a good work than throw some admire words. This will make him happy directly from hearts.

2. Usually speak to your loved person that you feel lucky and proud to have him.

3. When your partner comes to home from office, tell him that you are very happy to see him. Hug him with love.

4. Never forget to realize him that you trust him a lot.

5. “I know you can do this.” “I trust that you will do right thing.”
Using these types words will make your partner more mentally strong and increase self confidence to do something more.

6. Let him know that you are safe with him. You feel happy, secure and comfortable.

7. Whatever the situations are, don’t forget to tell your soulmate, you will be always with him.

8. No one is perfect. If you did something wrong just accept your wrong and say, “Honey I did it wrong by my mistake.” I am sure your partner will forget every fault of you with smile.

9. Try to say “Sorry.” It has strong power. Remember, saying sorry to your husband is enough similar to “I love you so much dear.”

10. Always show your attitude that you are very delightful and lucky to marry him.

11. Give value to your husband’s opinion. He will be very happy. Remember, your partner will never give you any bad suggestion.

12. And finally, try to forgive him if he did something wrong. Because, forgiveness is a strong arm to get more lovely with your partner. If you forgive him, he can realize his fault. It is very essential to break any types of angry and quarrel between you.

Hope you like this post. If you think we need to add something please share your comments with us. Be healthy and happy. Allah Hafez.

4 Great Things Kolkata Got In 2015

In the year 2015 Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) the capital of west bengal state of India blessed with some great things in its city. Lets see them...

kolkata india 2015 success

1. Parama Flyover

Not just in Kolkata but also in whole state Parama flyover is the biggest flyover in Kolkata. This is double floor based flyover and only in 6 minutes peoples can go Science City to Park Circus.

2. Kolkata Metro Line 2

This is also called East West Corridor which is underground based rapid speed train with total distance of 14.67 kilometers.

3. Bhukailash Rajbari - The Biggest Shivaling

In 2015, Kolkata made a Shivaling which is total 51 feet in height and they claim this is the biggest Shivaling in India.

4. Bridge From East India to South India

For faster traveling between east India and south India without visiting Kolkata, India is making an alternate 6 lane international standard bridge near Ishwar Gupta. For making the bridge, authority has already called global tender.

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