How To Format Write Protected USB Drive?

Have you ever faced “Windows was unable to complete the format” or "The disk is write protected" message while formatting your pen drive or memory card? If yes, then you are in right place to solve this minor problem.

Well, before we go to further details to solve this issue we want to let you know if your usb drive is write protected, you can’t write/ delete/ modify anything in the drive. The write protected feature ensure an extra layer of security. But sometimes it may cause for virus effect.

Let’s see how to disable write protected problem from pen drive or SD card to format using command prompt (CMD)

format write protected usb drive shinemat

1. Insert write-protected usb drive in computer.

2. Press Windows Key + R to open Run option.

3. Type cmd.exe and hit Enter .

4. In command prompt write diskpart and press Enter.

5. Type list disk and press Enter.

Here you can see the list of your hard drive and usb drive in numeric order.

6. Type select disk X and hit Enter button.

Replace “X” with your usb drive number as listed in your command prompt.

7. Now type attributes disk clear readonly and press Enter.

8. Type clean and press Enter.

9. Type create partition primary and press Enter.

10. Type format fs=fat32 then press Enter.

11. And finally, type exit and hit Enter to finish.

See and try to format your pendrive or memory card. Hope, it is not write protected anymore. Enjoy.

If you find this post post helpful, please share with your friends. Stay well and good. Allah Hafez.

How To Book Indian Railways Ticket From Online?

Railways are the most reliable and best ever traveling way in any country. It is also fast and safe journey way. As you know, India is a big country and most people prefer train journey.
As a part of Indian railways development, the railway department provides online ticketing system. Now, anyone can easily buy Indian train ticket(s) from online with just few clicks.

Let’s see the processes how to buy Indian train tickets from online.

Indian railway eTicketing System shinemat

1. Go to IRCTC website and complete registration process. Remember, the registration process will ask you to verify your Indian mobile number. So, you must have an active Indian SIM card.

2. After registration, log into IRCTC eTicketing system with your registered username and password.

3. After login, go to “Plan My Journey” page. Now, enter your trip details like as: journey date and time, starting station, destination station, ticket quantity and class of travel such as economy or business.
Fill other sections if needed as per your need.

4. Next page is for payments.
Accepted payment methods are online banking, credit cards, travel cards and EMI system.

5. After successfully payments, you will get an email or a confirmation message with your payments and journey details. That’s all.

Hope this post helps. If something needs to correct or add please share with us. Stay well pals. Allah Hafez.

Top 10 Pregnancy Tips For Normal Delivery

Pregnancy is a delightful feeling and best experience ever for a woman. It will be more charming if it’s first time. Every woman expects to have a normal delivery for her baby. But sometimes expecting normal delivery plan goes wrong without any prior alert. However, practicing some normal delivery tips and exercises can ensure the normal delivery.

Here are top ten tips that will help to deliver a baby in normal procedure.

normal delivery tips for pregnent woman

1. Do light pregnancy exercise and continue practice it routinely. You can get lots of pregnancy exercise video in YouTube

2. Eat properly. You have to change your diet plan during pregnancy time. Remember, you are not one person now, a more little baby live in you.

3. Drink more and more pure water. Drinking pure water can reduce labor pain and increase the possibility of normal delivery.

4. Use soft warm water while bathing. If possible, try to bath in a bathtub.

5. Keep yourself totally stress free. Always stay away from those persons who afraid you about dangerousness of pregnancy. Truly, there are nothing to fear in pregnancy.

6. Do perineal message regularly after seventh month.

7. Hire an experienced doula who gives you advice, support and help during pregnancy.

8. Do breathing practices to strong your heart and increase physical energy. With this practice, your baby will get enough oxygen. This is also helpful for normal delivery.

9. Try to walk during pregnancy. Walking reduces exhaustion. But don’t walk too much. Just a routine based light walking.

10. Spice foods warm womb and help in normal delivery. But, if you have heartburn or nausea problem just avoid this types of foods.

Hope these simple tips will help you. Best wishes for your upcoming sweet and cute baby. Share this with your friends. Good luck and Allah Hafez.

How To Cover Up Acne Spot By Makeup?

The weather is changing and effects are falling in our health. Especially, acne raid in our soft cheek. It looks very ugly and sometimes painful too. Furthermore, in winter season we get more invitations than other seasons. So, it is important to hide acne spot to be present at the invitations.

In this post we will see the makeup process to cover up acne spot quickly…

bron acne spot hiding makeup

1. Clean you whole face with a facewash and dry it.

2. Apply green color corrector or matte eyeshadow on red acne by a thin soft brush.

3. Apply this until the acne spot becomes covered.

4. After this process, apply matte powder or foundation on it. You will see the acne spot is cover up.


DON’T use blush, shimmer and glossy makeup. This will visible your spots more deeply.

Hope this helps. If you find anything need to correct please fell free to tell us. Stay well and be happy. Allah Hafez.

5 Natural Foods Help To Make A Sound Sleep

A sound sleep is a great thing in life and definitely it’s a gift from almighty God. A person can face lots of health problems only for insomnia. The dangerous effects of insomnia can describe by peoples who are facing this. As you know, experts say that a healthy person should sleep at least 8 hours a day. But an insomnia patient can not sleep 4 or 5 hours in a day and they start to take sleeping pills. Believe it or not, sleeping pill is very bad for health. So, instead of taking sleeping pills, insomnia patients can eat some foods that can make sleepy.

Let’s see the list of foods that help to make more peaceful sleep…

natural foods helps to sleep well

1. Tropical Almond

If your body loose magnesium dimension you can face insomnia problem. Tropical almond has lots of magnesium which can fulfill your magnesium level so you can sleep well and also it removes your headache.

2. Natural Honey

Honey contains lots of glucose and relaxes your brain which helps to sleep you deeply. NEVER take it over. Just take one table spoon honey before sleep.

3. Bananas

Banana is a fruit you can get 365 days in a year. Banana contains potassium and magnesium which helps to relax our brain and muscles. If you prefer to eat, you can blend a banana with a glass of milk to make smoothie.

4. Milk

We know milk is an ideal drink and it is a great source of calcium. Make a habit to drink a glass of warm milk before going to sleep. Milk contains ammonia acid which assists to produce creatine in brain to help quick sleep. Moreover, milk contains calcium which removes stresses.

5. Sweet Potato

Sweet potato contains huge potassium. Just 100 – 150 gram sweet potato is enough for sweet sleep. It also helps to relax our muscle’s nerves.

You can also eat Cherries, Jasmine Rice, Chickpeas, Whole Grain, Milk chocolate, Dark chocolate for better sleep.

Hope this post helps. Stay well and Allah Hafez.

Google Play Store Is Shutting Down For Old Versions

The most popular android application place “Google Play Store” is a one stop application distribution platform for android operating system users.

google play store shinemat

Recently Google announces that they are going to stop the Google Play Store for some kind of android phones and devices. Rumor says, phones and devices running by old versions of android will no longer able to use Google Play Store from next year.

About this news Google says, Play Store will not work in Gingerbread and Honeycomb version. Currently, around 1.4 percent of android users are still using these old versions of android operating system. Moreover, Gingerbread and Honeycomb versions both are six years old android OS versions.

The main reasons to shut down Play Store are the application developers are not creating apps for these versions and not updating existing apps.

Anyway, I understand, its time for younger. I mean new versions as like me… Ha Ha Ha.
Stay well and be happy pals friends. Allah Hafez.

iPhone 7 Plus May Comes With Dual Camera

Few days ago a journalist of Bloomberg released an information about upcoming iPhone 7 Plus. His name is Mark B. Garman.

iphone 7 with dual camera

In the report Mark B. Garman said, the more attractive matter of next iPhone 7 plus is, it will have Dual Sensor Camera. The feature of this camera is, it can capture two photos at a time and merge two photos into one and for this reason users will get high resolution photos. Especially it can capture crystal clear photos in low light zone.

Stay well and be happy my friends. Allah Hafez…


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