Top 10 Birthday Party Related Tips

First, "Happy Birthday" for my most beloved person and lots of "Ja Tem"

No doubt birthday is always special. This is the day when we see the world first time and everyone wants to celebrate it delightfully with different birthday party themes.
If, today is your favorite person’s birthday then obviously various wishing plans are playing in your brain. Just remember, your beloved person is waiting for 12:01 am to receive your FIRST birthday wishes. So, wish him/ her first time through call, message, cards or anything you can.

happy birthday tips

Now let’s see some more birthday party related tips.

1. As I said before, always try to wish birthday person first time. If the birthday person is your partner then make sure you are the first one in wishing.

2. Give him/ her some special gifts. Gifts always should not be expensive, but it should be creative, heart touching and lovely. You can also attach some cards if need to say something.

3. If the birthday person is your baby daughter then try to organize your girl party in kids theme. She will love it.

4. If you live in abroad then buy gifts from online shopping center and send it to your birthday person’s address.

5. Birthday means a delicious cake. Make sure your cake is quite beautiful and tasty.

6. Birthday party decoration increases its beauty more. So, if possible hire party planner who will design your birthday themes, birthday games and other necessary things as your demand.

7. If you are a guest of a birthday party then dress yourself very clearly. If party planner said to wear specific dress code then must wear it.

8. Note about birthday program’s date and time, party place etc. in your mobile alert.

9. Try to reach at perfect time. Don’t be late.

10. Don’t be seated in a corner at birthday party. Say, Hello and talk with everyone.

By the way, today is my most favorite person’s birthday and my bad luck, I can’t wish her.
Sweetheart, if you read this accept my wish “Happy Birthday Jadu and Ti Amo.”

Hope this post helps. Stay tunes for more latest helpful tips and tricks. Stay well pals.

Yahoo Inc. Is Becoming “Altaba”

Yahoo is going to lost its brand name to Altaba and most popular lady Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer will leave her job just after completing the agreement with Verizon Communications.

Yahoo is selling its all internet related business like: emails, advertising, social media networks and others to Verizon Communications.

yahoo is now altaba shinemat

After completed officially agreement, the next chairman of Altaba company will be “Eric Brandt” and more four persons as board of directors. They are, Tor Braham, Catherine Friedman, Thomas McInerney, and Jeffrey Smith. All of them are already work in Yahoo company.

Mainly, Verizon Communications is buying Yahoo for $4.8 billion.

Verizon also said, they will make inquiries about information hacking of Yahoo occurred twice in last year.

That’s all pals. Hope this tech news helps. Stay well and keep reading upcoming technology news. Good day.

Here Comes First Nokia Branded Smartphone "Nokia 6"

Nokia releases its first smartphone powered by android operating system. Currently it is only available in China market. Price is 246 dollar and available at website. Very soon Nokia smartphone will be available globally.

nokia 6 full specifications

Once upon a time Nokia was a one and only name in mobile industry but Nokia could not success in smartphone business. This time Nokia is not directly coming in smartphone business. A company named HMD Global uses the Nokia Brand name to discover Nokia smartphones. HMD Global will give to Nokia authority a certain amount of royalty for using Nokia brand name and its patent.

Now let’s have a look of new Nokia 6 full specifications:

* New Nokia Smartphone name is Nokia 6.
* Snapdragon 430 Mobile Processor.
* 4 GB RAM.
* 64 GB internal memory.
* 16 MP back camera, 8 MP front camera with LED flash.
* Powerful 3000 mAh battery.
* Dolby digital sound system
* 5.5 Inch FHD IPS Display.
* Dual SIM support.
* 4G VoLTE/WiFi.
* Android 7.0 Nougat operating system.
* 2.5D Corning gorilla glass.
* Parts and hardware manufactured by Foxcon.

    Hope you liked this tech news. Stay connected and share with your friends. Have fun pals.

    5.7 Magnitude Earthquake Hits In Indonesia

    earthquake indonesia shinemat

    Indonesia’s central area East Nusa Tenggara got an earthquake on Saturday which was 5.7 magnitude confirmed by meteorology and geophysics agency.

    At Jakarta time, this earthquake hits 4:11 PM. The epicenter of this earthquake was 48 kilometers far from northwest of Sumba Timur and depth of 77 kilometers of ground.

    The mentionable fact is, Indonesia is zone of Pacific Ring of Fire and that’s why a large number of earthquakes happen there.

    Internet Speed Will Remain Slow Till 20 January, 2017

    On behalf of Bangladesh Internet Service Provider Association “Md Emdadul Haque” confirms that the internet connection will remain slow till January 20 due to disconnect of three fiber optic cables. These are as follows:

    1. O2O Submarine Telecommunication Cable.

    2. Tata Indicom Cable.

    3. India Middle East Western Europe.

    slow internet connection shinemat

    Mentionable, currently in Bangladesh, internet bandwidth consumption is up to 400 Gbps where 120 Gbps comes from Bangladesh Submarine Cable Company and rest from India to fill up the required bandwidth.

    As soon as maintenance work will finish, internet speed will remain normal again.

    Stay well pals. Good Night.

    Apple Wish To Setup Manufacture Factory In India

    For the first time the biggest tech company Apple wish to setup their product producing factory in India and regarding this issue they are talking to India’s Prime Minister “Narendra Modi”.

    apple iphone and store in india shinemat

    If the agreement will successful, Indian people can buy Apple products at cheap price. However, maximum mobile market possessions are hand on Samsung, Nokia and china brands. Only around three or four percent peoples are using Apple product in India. That’s why Apple wants to take place their products in India strongly.

    The company said, they will make almost all kinds of Apple branded products including iPhone, iPad, Macbook and Apple watch and they will export Apple products from India also. They will also open several permanent Apple Stores in India.

    Amazon Starts Product Delivery By Drones

    The largest online shopping giant Amazon starts their Prime Air delivery system through drones. From the year 2013, they started research about drone delivery system and finally it is success.

    In a Twitter post of Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos said, Amazon starts its product delivery system through Prime Air. He also said, the first prime air delivered books to its real customer within just 13 minuets in Cambridge, USA. See the video.


    Amazon said, a drone will take less than 30 minuets to deliver a product. The PrimeAir drone will use GPS navigation system to identify its delivery address and will drop the product in customer’s home.

    The main condition by government is, drones must be fly lower than 400 feet from land.


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