Facebook’s CEO Is Now Richer Than Google And Amazon Founders

The founder and CEO of Facebook “Mark Zuckerberg” is now owner of 33.3 billion US dollar. He reached this amazing wealth milestone on 17 July 2014. The more surprising matter is this fortune wealth is more than Google founders and Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos.

● Larry Page ($33.2 billion), Google.com
● Sergey Brin ($32.9 billion), Google.com
● Jeff Bezos ($32.3 billion), Amazon.com

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mark zuckerberg worth report

In ranking position, Mark Zuckerberg at no. 16 where Google founders are at 17th and 18th and Amazon founder at 20th rank.

According to businessinsider.com, if stocks of Facebook share rise at $200 then Mark Zuckerberg will be the top richest man in the world which will cross Bill Gates, Carlos Slim or Amancio Ortega wealth value.

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How To Clear Cookies in Mozilla Firefox?

Like all web browser Mozilla Firefox stores web cookies every website you visit. Generally cookies use website administrator to track visits, time-span, user activities and overall preferences of a visitor on a website. It can also send some user data and information to website authority to provide information or suggestion as your interest. If you wish to remove cookies from your Mozilla Firefox browser then there is an easy way.

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sexy firefox wallpaper

Let’s see the instructions how to delete cookies from Mozilla Firefox.

1. Open your Mozilla Firefox browser.

2. Click menu button from upper right corner from your browser.

3. Click Options button.
Or go to Tools → Options form your menu bar.

clear firefox cookies

4. Click Privacy tab.

5. Click "Clear your recent history" link.

how to delete firefox cookies

6. Now select your time range and only tick tick icon shinemat Cookies.

7. Click Clear now button to remove browser cookies.

delete individual cookies

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Extra Options:

If you wish to remove only specific cookies except all cookies then select “remove individual cookies” instead of “clear your recent history” link.

Now search for your desire cookies and click Remove cookie button.

remove individual cookies from firefox

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How To Find All Linked URL’s To A Website?

Linking your own website URL from another website is called inbound link. It also known as Backlink and incoming links. Inbound links are chiefly important for SEO. It also point toward how much a website popular. So, if you are a blogger or SEO expert you must know which websites are directly linked to your site. You can check the inbound links URL’s that pointing to your website by entering a special search term on popular search engine Google.

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find backlink using google

1. Open your web browser and go to www.google.com

2. Type the following search phrase.


3. Replace www.shinemat.com with your own website address.

4. After typing, hit Enter button.

5. Now the shown results are those URL’s that linked to your site directly.

If you wish you can find your own website address by visiting those sites.

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How To Generate Sitemap In Tumblr Blog?

Tumblr is a popular micro blogging platform founded by David Karp and owned by Yahoo.com. People use Tumblr for blogging, social marketing and communication. Like other blogging platform Tumblr has a great friendly dashboard. To make your Tumblr blog friendlier with search engines it offers to generate a full sitemap. You just need to enable your Tumblr sitemap and submit to major search engines like Google and Bing. This will make your site easy to find through online search terms.

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submit tumblr sitemap

How to generate and submit Tumblr sitemap in search engines?

1. Go to Tumblr website and sign in to your account.

2. After signing in, click the settings icon from top.

3. If you have several blog in your account, select your desire blog from right side that you want to generate sitemap.

4. Now scroll down to bottom and active “Allow search engines to index your blog”

5. Save your changed settings to done.

How to check your sitemap is OK to submit in search engines?

To check your Tumblr sitemap simply go to the below address.
Don’t forget to replace your own Tumblr address.


If you see something looks like as below image then everything is Okay.

submit tumblr sitemap

How to submit Tumblr sitemap to Google, Bing and Yahoo search directory.

For submitting sitemap we recommended you to read the following posts.

A) How To Submit And Verify Sitemap To Google Webmaster Tools
B) How To Submit Blogger Sitemap In Bing And Yahoo

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How To Delete Web History Data In Mozilla Firefox?

Yesterday we have published a post about deleting web browsing history from internet explorer. Today we will see how you can delete browsing history from Mozilla Firefox browser. As you know Mozilla Firefox is very popular web surfing software. So if you wish to remove your browsing history to avoid accessing the websites that you have visited then make sure you remove your web browsing data after your browsing.

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delete firefox browsing history

Lets see how to delete web history from Mozilla Firefox.

Instructions you should follow…

1. Open your Mozilla Firefox browser.

2. Press Crtl+Shift+Delete key from your keyboard.
Or go to ToolsOptionsPrivacy tab and click Clear your recent history link.

delete firefox browsing history

delete firefox browsing history

3. Now select your time range and tick icon shinemat tick the web data elements that you want to clear.

delete firefox browsing history

4. Click Clear Now button.

That’s all. Now you have successfully removed your web browsing history from your selected time range.

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Optional Options:

You can select some custom options from History section. Just select Use custom settings for history and select settings as you want. If you wish to clear web history on every time you closes your Firefox, just tick tick icon shinemat "Clear history when firefox closes".

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How To Delete Web Browsing History From IE Using Run Command?

When you browse websites through any web browser it saves your all browsed history data automatically like cookies, form data, passwords, pages and media. If your computer is shared with your family members or your colleagues then you can delete your whole history to keep your browsing privacy safe from others. Almost all web browsers have an option to delete entire web history.

delete IE web history

Today we will learn how to delete entire web browsing history from Internet Explorer.

Using Run Command:

1. Press Windows key and R together to open Run box. ( windows logo icon + R )

2. Type "inetcpl.cpl" into the Run box and hit Enter. An Internet Properties box will appear.

delete IE web history

3. Click the General tab.

4. Now click the Delete button from Browsing History section.

delete IE web history

5. Select your desire history elements that you want to remove. Such as: Cookies, Password, Web history etc.

delete IE web history

6. After selecting, click Delete button from below.


Optional Options:

a) You can also delete your browsing history from your internet explorer tools option. To do that simply open your Internet ExplorerToolsInternet options and apply as described above process.

delete IE web history

b) If you wish to remove your all web history on every time automatically just after closing your browser then go to Internet Properties and select Delete browsing history on exit from Browsing history section.

delete IE web history

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How To Create Shutdown Shortcut To Turn Off PC At A Certain Time?

As you know windows have a shutdown option in the start menu to turn off your computer. You can make this task a lot easier by creating a shutdown shortcut function on your desktop. With this you can turn off your computer instantly or after a certain seconds with just a mouse click.

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You will be shown at here Two ways how to create a shutdown shortcut option in your desktop.

Method 01
Method 02

create shutdown shortcut option

Method: 01

1. Open your Notepad and type the following command.

c:\windows\system32\shutdown -s -f -t 05

2. Click File option and click Save As.

create shutdown shortcut option

3. Now select Desktop, and save the File name as shutdown.bat and select All Files from Save as type box.

create shutdown shortcut option

4. To test it click this file to shutdown your computer in just 5 seconds.

Method: 02

1. Right click your mouse on desktop and select NewShortcut.

2. Type Shutdown.exe -s -t 05 in shortcut location box and click Next button.

create shutdown shortcut option

3. Name your shortcut to Shutdown or anything as your wish.

4. Finally click the Finish button to done.

Optional Features:

The 05 value is the time to shutdown your computer. You can choose this value as your wish.
For example: To turn of your computer after 20 seconds, just replace 05 with 20.

The naked shutdown.bat file or shortcut icon looks very ugly. Isn’t it? Let’s make it beautiful.

a. Simply move the Shutdown.bat file from desktop to "C:\Windows" directory.

b. Right click on it and select Create Shortcut option.

c. Now move only the shortcut file to your desktop.

d. Download a beautiful shutdown icon (.ico format) from internet. You can choose an icon from below. Just save it.

shutdown icon shinemat shutdown icon shinemat shutdown icon shinemat shutdown icon shinemat

shutdown icon shinemat shutdown icon shinemat shutdown icon shinemat shutdown icon shinemat

e. Now right click on the shortcut icon and select Properties.

f. Click Change Icon and select your desire icon by clicking Browse.

g. Press OpenOKOK to done.

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