How To Add Custom Favicon To Blogger To Be Unique

How To add Custom Favicon Icon To Blogger Blog-Saimoom-Shinemat

Favicon is a small icon shown to front in the address bar. By default, all blogspot blog contains Blogger orange logo as its favicon. You can simply add your own favorite icon as favicon. Whenever someone share/ bookmark your site/ blog the favicon icon will make those URL(s) stand out. You can easily create your favicon using Photoshop and size should be 16x16 pixels. Because,16x16 size is very standard  and preferable for every browser.

How to add favicon to your blog

1. Log in to your Blogger blog

2. Click on your blog title.

3. Go to Template from left side menu (Don't forget to backup your template)

4. Click Edit HTML.

5. Now click on the code box and press  Ctrl+F

6. Find for </head>

7. Now paste the following code before/ above it.

<!--Favicon Start -->
<link href='FAVICON IMAGE URL GOES HERE' rel='shortcut icon'/>
<!--Favicon Ends -->

8. Click Save Template and reload your blog to see a new look with a brand new favicon.

Customization Area

Simply replace the yellow highlighted text with your own selected 16x16 pixel favicon image URL.

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List of some websites to get or generate favicons

Have fun, and if you have any problem just let me know.
Have a good day!


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Please DON'T spam here. Spam comments will be deleted just after our review.

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