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How To Login bKash App Without Inserting Registered SIM Card

Hello friends, Today's post is about the bkash money transfer app in Bangladesh. You must know the bKash app started a registered SIM verification system by SMS for their bKash app users. It means you can't log in to your bKash app without inserting your bKash registered SIM card on the same phone. No doubt it's a very smart security layer.

Login bKash App Without OTP code or SMS code

BUT, the problem is, a lot of users including me use two mobile phones.
So, how can you use your bKash app on another mobile while your bKash registered SIM card installed on another mobile?

Well, Today I am going to share with you how to use bKash app without a SIM card. Let's get started.

My Own Genuine Proof:
I have received a lot of comments from my readers saying that this trick doesn't work. Some readers already throw me abusive languages in the comments. For those peoples who don't trust this trick works, I have given the original proof of mine that I am using the bKash app and bKash registered SIM on two different mobiles.

Login bKash App Without OTP code or SMS code

Remember, this trick is not a hacking way and it doesn't harmful for your bKash account.

How To Login bKash App Without Registered SIM Card?

01. First, download the latest bkash app from the Play store.

02. Open your bKash app, and type your bKash registered mobile number.

03. The bKash app will send a verification OTP by SMS in your bKash registered SIM number which is on your other mobile.

04. Now copy the full SMS and send the same SMS to your smartphone where your bKash app installed.

05. When you receive the copied verification SMS from your registered bkash number in your bKash app installed phone, it will automatically capture the verification number.

06. Now you can simply log in to your bKash app just typing your PIN number.


The most important fact is, the verification SMS code or OTP's validity is only 30 Seconds.
So, you have to send and receive the same verification SMS between two mobiles within just 30 SECONDS. Otherwise, you can't log in.

Hope this simple trick helps. If you found this post is helpful please share and comment below. If you face any problem please tell me below in a comment.
Stay well and Allah Hafez.
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  1. It's not working there anything changed?

    1. No Bro, Nothing is changed. For your confirmation I have already added my proof in the post. Please tell me where did you get the error?

  2. Replies
    1. @Unknown and @shihab: Its working on my mobile very well. I still use two mobile and one have my bkash registered number and other one have bkash app. Please follow the instruction very carefully.

  3. Ami bkhas app a log in korte parteci na.. Log in a verification code chay code sms ashe automatic oi code set up neyr kotha bt ney na r manually code ta boshano o jay na. Ki problem hote pare.. Pls suggest me.

  4. You can't enter your verification code manually in the bkash app. Remember bkash app will automatically catch the code from the SMS.
    Please read the instruction very carefully and I hope you can do it perfectly.
    If you still need any help please knock me at

    1. Assalamu alaikum. Do we have to do it within 15 seconds now? I could do it before, now it became impossible.

  5. This trick isn't working brother. I tried three times. :(

    1. @Hasibur Rahman, Dear try as I said in the article. Brother, I am still now use the bkash app in my other phone. Please do it in right way. If you need any help from me please message me on


  6. These technic is bullshit..

    They are more advanced than u..

    1. Bro, I am personally using it. Please don't comment before knowing anything. Please see I have updated the post with genuine proof of mine.

      If you need help please contact with me on Facebook.


  7. this method doesn't work at all. i tried several times but failed. so u should delete ur post.

    1. @Aziz, Why you failed? What is the problem? I am personally using bKash and Nagad app by this technique. See my proof in the post.


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