How To Display Author Profile Picture In Google Search Results

Showing authorship of a blog in Google search results is one of the popular and creative tactic. If you are a blogger or a website owner you can show up your Google Plus profile picture along with your name on Google search results with your content. Your image on Google search result will turn link with your Google Plus Profile page. So for all of that you have to have a Google Plus account/ page and a blog or website which is indexed by Google search engine.
So let’s do it.

How To Setup Google+ Authorship To Show Profile Picture Next To Google Search Results?

My Profile picture on Google search results

How to add G+ profile image on Google search results

1. First you need to create an “About Me” page on your blog with an image (128px X 128px in size), if you have already this page then OK. See my About page for example.

2. Upload same image which is added to your about me page exactly 128px X 128px size image in JPEG format to your Google Plus profile. You can re-size your image by using Adobe Photoshop easily.

3. Now add your Google Plus profile URL anywhere in your blog site by using the below code. I have added my Google Plus link in my sidebar.

G+ on Shine Mat Side Bar

<a href="Your Google Plus profile Link" rel="author" target="_blank">Add me to your Google+</a>

rel="author" is that you are the real author of your blog. So don't change or remove it. You are able to change the anchor text, I mean "Add me to your Google+" as your choice.

4. Now add a link to your “About Me” page anywhere in your blog. I have added this link in my menu bar. Use the following code to make this link.

Shine Mat About Me Page

<a rel="author" href="">About Me</a>

Here you can also change the text "About Me" as you want, also don't forget to replace the about me link with your About me page link.

5. Now go to your "About Me" page and create a link by using the below code.

<a rel="me" href= title="Ashraful Haque Saimoom">My Google Plus</a>

Make these changes:
First, replace with your Google plus profile link.
Second, change Ashraful Haque Saimoom with your full name same as your Google Plus profile name.
Third, change My Google Plus as your wish.

G+ on About Me page

6. Now go to your Google Plus profile and click Edit Profile, Click Links and add your blog's or website's Homepage address along with your About Me page address (Important). if you want you can also add your some extra link such as Facebook, Twitter etc.

7. Go to this link, Click Edit Profile, Tick Show this tab on my profile check box.

8. Save your Google Plus profile, and you are done.

Let's test, is everything OK?

After setting as described above simply visit here and type your blog homepage address in preview box and click preview. If you will see the text saying "Verified: Authorship markup is verified for this page" then everything is okay. If your About Me page is not indexed by Google yet, click here and submit your about me page address to Google blog list.

Now wait at least 3 to 4 days and then you can see your profile picture in Google search results with your content.

That's all. I tried my level best to describe, if you are getting any problem please feel free to ask me. I will try to solve your problem. Thank you. Good luck.


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  1. What if I have multiple subdomains do I have to make an about us page for each domain or I cant link all subdomains to my main domain about us page???

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. @Anand Sharma: You need to add a link to each subdomain as showing at step 3 or 4, and then go to your google plus profile and add your subdomain links as described in step 6.
    After setting, go to here to check.
    For any assistance, just let me know.

  4. thanks for complete guide about google's author ship

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  9. Thanks for sharing the information with us. Will you please tell me, whether a Google+ Page can be used instead of Google+ Profile?

  10. The best tutorial indeed...thanks a whole pie...your site is amazing...

  11. hi, I tried this successfully working.

  12. well i have done every thing but can't understand about about author page i have my blogger profile in which i cant put the code?

  13. @Zee Mee Blogger profile? Please describe your problem clearly. I'll try to solve your query.
    Thank you.

  14. well check my site as
    also my about me .if is not good then tell how can i made about me it just a page like home fill with basic information, thanx.

  15. @Zee Mee I don't understand your query. Anyway, I have just visited your blog. Your about me page just your blogger profile. You can't customize your blogger profile instead of migration to Google Plus or making a custom about me page. You can see my about me page for demo.
    If something is not clear to you, feel free to ask me.
    Thank you.

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