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Top 10+ SEO Tips For Newbies

Hello everyone, hope you all are fine. Today we are going to learn about some SEO tips for new blog owners or new SEO learners. Blog owners always try to get huge quality visitors, because we know that visitors are the heart for a blog or website. Lots and lots of readers mean success. There are huge ways to get visitors to your lovely blog, but remember your first target should be get traffic from major search engines. In order to receive quality traffic from search engines you need to make sure that your blog site has a top ranking level in SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Here are some effective tips to appear your blog good position in Search Engine Result Page.

Top ten seo tips for newbies

1. Concentrate and focus on your content’s keywords. Always use best and high level keywords inside in your article. You can also use proper keywords at your post titles, headings, paragraphs etc. Never use a keyword again and again. I recommended you to use Google Keyword tool for analyzing your blog’s keywords.

2. Publish at least one post per day. Search engines love those sites that are updated with quality and non copied contents. Never publish any post that is already published at other blog.

3. Google Webmaster Tools is your blog's best partner. Sign up for GWT and claim your blog/ website. You will get lots of service and best analytics and reports about your blog site.
Such as: Crawl Errors and Stats, URLs Index report, overall search queries, internal and external links, sitemap etc. Visit below links to learn how to submit and verify your site on GWT, Yahoo and Bing.

4. Use proper keywords inside of your content links. This is called interlinks. Such as if you want to link any banking and insurance website then link “Banking and insurance” keyword instead of Click here or Visit here.

5. Name all of your uploaded files with your keywords. Like as:

Instead of...

By this trick search engines will quickly index your file at their database.

6. Always add images to your blog content and make sure it is optimized with proper image seo. Remember, search engines can not read image file what this image about. So to tell search engine robots about your image file what about it is, you have to use image alt tag.

7. Try to get outbound links from other quality blogs. The more quality backlinks from other blogs will increase your online presence, traffic and pagerank. Use online bookmarking way, do other blog comments and exchange links with other good blogs/ websites.

8. Install Google Analytics to your blog for tracking your overall traffic activates.

9. Add meta tags to your blog. Meta tag is very important part for SEO. Meta tags includes with meta keywords, meta description, meta title etc.

10. In your posts use internal links to other posts which is already published on your blog.
Example: You published a post yesterday about “Nokia 5800 review” and today you are going to publish a post about “Nokia 5800 software” then must link to your earlier post from your new post with proper keyword. It will help search engine spiders to index your posts and to crawl your blog more faster.

11. Make sure your blog site is easy to browse and everything is working properly. Try to design your blog with friendly interface. Remove broken links from your blog. Broken links means those links which are not working or showing an error page.

12. Never apply all SEO techniques on a specific page. Use multiple keywords to optimize your whole blog site.

NOTE: Please be patient! Search engine optimizing is a process that can be take several days to start showing results. So, stick with SEO and I am sure that you will be success with your blog.

Have a nice a day. Stay safe.
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  1. The most important point you have shared is “Share Your Knowledge” usually people hesitate to share their knowledge or they don’t want to share it because they think that you will take over on their seats. It is a very bad situation and we should avoid this thinking and share our knowledge with all.

  2. @Jamesmeorial You are right dear. Sharing is the way to present yourself.
    Thanks for your nice comment. Be good.

  3. Useful info, Thanks for sharing..


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  5. First and foremost fact is content. Unique content always leads to a better position in SERPs.

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