The List Of Top Photography Gadgets

When you go off on a shoot, there’s nothing worse than arriving solely to seek out that you simply don’t have the proper kit. This list of accessories covers some cool photography gadgets, from the essential to the uncommon – however no less useful!

Top Photography Gadgets

The Tripod

It had to be on the list and proves to be important when addressing long exposure times or when using heavier telephoto lenses that you simply don’t need spherical your neck for long periods. Evening time photography is sort of not possible while not a tripod, because of the longer exposures required to permit the little quantity of sunshine into the lens. A tripod is way cheaper than a picture stablising lens and you’re possible to be much happier with the ensuing image.

Manfrotto 458B Neotec Pro Photo Tripod – 406 USD
Designed for skilled use, the Neotec is right for each 35mm and medium format cameras, and has all the added options that build Manfrotto product leaders in their category. This tripod is light-weight and excellent for those those want all-round performance. You’ll be able to conjointly purchase new heads instead of shopping for a greenhorn pod.

Hama Star 75 – 15 USD
This is an awfully low cost and cheerful tripod. If you don’t wish to speculate in a rich tripod and simply wish to check one out, this is often for you. Though it'll naturally not be as stable and sensible because the Manfrotto it'll still enable for extended shutter times.

Heavy Duty Professional Aluminum Tripod with Ball Head for Camera/Video – 77 USD
This is not a branded and so the worth is far cheaper. it's for the intense photographer and can keep your camera terribly stable. The ball head may be a bonus leaving excellent panoramic pictures and completely different positions a standard head wouldn’t supply. I own this tripod and therefore the solely disadvantage is that the weight at around 6-7 kg, and therefore the size (you cannot work it simply into a camera rucksack).

Lensbaby SLR Lenses

Lensbaby camera lenses are a line of camera lenses that mix a straightforward lens with a bellows or ball and socket mechanism to be used in special effect photography. Results achieved with a Lensbaby mimic that of the Holga camera or different toy cameras, and it are often less expensive than shopping for a tilt-shift lens.
There are currently three Lensbaby choices to settle on from, and every have their benefits and downsides. You’ll be able to decide additional information at the Lensbaby web site.
The Lensbaby is out there for many completely different lens mounts: Canon EF (EOS), Nikon F, Minolta Maxxum/Sony Alpha, Pentax K and also the Olympus Four Thirds System.
Prices vary counting on that lens you decide on.

White Balance Filter

You can simply set your digital camera’s white balance using the ExpoDisc Digital White Balance Filter. It’s convenient, quick and straightforward to use. created out of metal, the ring simply snaps into and out of your lens filter threads. this can be helpful when snapping landscapes and is incredibly simple to store in your bag.
Prices begin at seventy USD for a 52mm mount and vary up to a hundred and seventy USD for a 95mm.

SD Card Storage

Although some cameras use Compact Flash memory, the bulks have currently shifted to using SD cards. SanDisk and Panasonic have each released a 32GB card which might hold an incredible 7000 photos from a 15MP camera. Though they're expensive at the instant, you'll be able to solely expect costs to gradually lower over subsequent few years. The draw back, of course, is that if your card fails for any reason you stand to lose a major quantity of data. check that you back it up after you can!

SD card for cameras

Prices for the SanDisk begin at around 139.00 USD. are currently selling it for seventy five GBP and ninety eight EUR.

Gold/Silver/White Reflectors

Reflectors are an inexpensive and good way to vary the sunshine on a subject matter. they will be simply as helpful as flash guns and expensive lighting gear.
Gold reflectors are designed to feature a warming impact to the image, which is best for when individuals and animals are concerned. Silver and white reflectors merely reflect the sunshine onto the topic.
The price ranges betting on what complete and size you choose, though don’t expect to pay over fifty USD.

Extension Tubes

The cheap way to achieve a macro result. A tube contains no optical elements; its sole purpose is to maneuver the lens farther from the image plane. They allow you to focus nearer for macro work; though don’t provide constant quality as an ardent macro lens. It’s a relative low cost way to get the required result.
When shopping for an extension tube, you have got to make a decision if you wish auto-focus or not. The auto-focusing extension tubes are lots dearer however worthwhile when coping with fast moving objects.
Non-electric extension tubes are often found as low cost as four USD, 2.5 GBP or three EUR.

Remote Shutter Switch

When addressing longer exposures, we tend to already said that you just ought to keep your camera still on a tripod. Equally necessary are often a far off shutter switch. These are designed therefore you'll be able to auto focus and then take the photo while not touching the camera – so stopping unnecessary shake and blurring on your footage.
They come in all completely different sizes however I might advocate searching for a wired switch, significantly if the wireless infrared panel is found on the front of your camera (such because the Canon 450D).
Shutter switches vary from around ten USD, half-dozen GBP or seven EUR.


A monopod, additionally referred to as a unipod, may be a single employees or pole used to assist support cameras and video cameras. It’s constant purpose as a tripod – to stay the camera steady when shooting long exposures. However in contrast to a tripod, monopods cannot support a camera independently. Within the case of still cameras, this limits the shutter speed which will be used.
They are higher than holding a camera in your hand, however don’t permit you to achieve the extremely high shutter speeds. Why you would like one? They fold up to a awfully tiny length, are light-weight, and may be simply transported.

Opteka Fisheye Lens

This fisheye adapter could be negotiate for those of you who simply need to mess around while not having to pay a whole lot for a fisheye lens. Reckoning on what attachment you get, some will be used on an HD camcorder also for cool fisheye footage.
Hama Micro-fibre Cloth
This cloth was one in all the most cost effective however single most significant things I bought once I went away on my last vacation. Dust kept returning onto my lens, spoiling my photos. This micro-fibre cloth picked up all the dirt.
Costing around half dozen USD, four GBP or five EUR it’s actually value obtaining one. They’re so much easier than carrying around an outsized duster or using your t-shirt (which could be a terrible idea)

A Magazine Subscription

It all depends upon where you reside, and that magazines are on the market in your country. I realize it fascinating to check how people read a specific scene differently, and you'll be able to learn stuff you never even thought of before. Magazines are usually up-to-date and written and edited to an awfully high customary (unlike several photography websites – PhotoTuts excluded!)
Buying a replacement lens won't flip you into a professional overnight, however merely reading up on taking sensible photos and looking out at tutorials will be a good leap forward.

A Digital Photo Frame

This is a way to swank your photos. Family and friends will simply investigate totally different photos, permitting you to visualize which sorts of pictures are received best.
Obviously these frames vary dramatically in quality. Some can create your photos look nice – others can show a uninteresting, unappealing image.
The Big Red One
Although this video camera is for those within the film trade, I felt adore it deserved a mention as a result of the technological step forward it represents.

Digital Photo Frame

Typical high-end HD camcorders have a pair of.1M pixel sensors and record with 3:1:1 color sub-sampled video at up to 30fps. RED offers a much more advanced sensor, that provides 4K (up to thirty fps), 3K (up to sixty fps) and 2K (up to a hundred and twenty fps) capture – all this with wide dynamic vary and color house in twelve bit native RAW.

This represents over five times the quantity of data offered each second over a regular HD camera, and a vastly superior recording quality. Additionally, you get identical breathtaking depth of field and selective focus as found in film cameras using equivalent 35mm P/L mount lenses.

Having been ready to use the Red One and see it’s wonderful results, I’m ready to perceive why it's the quantity one video camera at the present time. It’s not low-cost, and isn’t by any means that a “must have” gadget for photographers.
Costing around 17,000 USD for the body alone, then 20,000 USD for the fundamental prime lenses, I wouldn’t expect to visualize it on your Christmas list!

iPhone Zoom Lens

I don’t own a iPhone or iPod bit, however I had to place this invention in here. The iPhone Camera telescope permits your cellular phone camera to zoom in across long distances with the ability of a digital camera. It’s slightly on the gimmicky facet (particularly when considering the fairly poor iPhone camera quality), however value considering if you employ your mobile for candid shots,
Costing around thirty two USD, twenty GBP or twenty three EUR, it won’t break the bank.

Insect Repellent

If you're within the nice outdoors – notwithstanding the country you’re in – insect repellent could be a must! I even have been bitten countless times when out on a shoot, and strongly advocate you have got a little spray handy. It’s incredibly simple to overlook.

A Camera Bag

No doubt you had to shop for a correct camera bag once you purchased an SLR, however you possibly you grabbed the primary one the sales assistant counseled. Camera bags are available in all totally different shapes and sizes. You’ll get a simple traveling, light-weight bag that scarcely suits your SLR, otherwise you will get a completely packed backpack with area for 4-5 lenses additionally as your camera.

Optech Rainsleeve

If it starts raining however you can not afford to miss the action, the Optech rainsleeve could be a nice obtain. It offers protection for camera, lens and flash unit in every type of wet-weather conditions. That includes an eyepiece gap that permits viewing through the particular viewfinder, instead of the plastic, and a drawstring enclosure that accommodates any lens up to seven inches in diameter.
Costing around twelve USD, eight GBP or nine EUR, they're invaluable if the images you shoot are vital.
Cheaper rainsleeves are out there if you don’t have to be compelled to cowl a flashgun and zoom lens – simply have a glance around!


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