Why Articles Aren’t The Route To Top Search Engine Rankings

If you've got any interest in obtaining high search engine rankings for your blog site (and who doesn't) you've got most likely been sold the concept that writing and publishing your own articles can do it for you.

Here's why that is not entirely true.

Imagine the subsequent situation...

You write a post around a keyword or key phrase you would like to rank well for.

You submit that post to all or any the article submission sites.

Your post gets published in many places around internet.

You currently have many links pointing back to your main website/ blog site.

But your own blog/ website never shows up within the prime 10 results for that individual keyword or key phrase.

Instead you discover that there are variant different sites carrying your article that rank higher than yours.

You've fully skipped over on a superb chance to induce high rankings for your keyword or key phrase.

Even worse... you simply handed your precious keyword-rich content on a platter to possible competitors who happened to publish your article on their blog/ website, and will have lost a number of your most targeted guests and sales to them.

So where did you go wrong?

Your mistake lay in using your precious content the keyword rich content you toiled for hours to write down for entirely the incorrect purpose.

You did not use the ability of the medium of article publishing to offer your web site an unbeatable advantage over others.

Article For SEO

Here's the way to use your articles to boost your search engine rankings.

1. Publish quality unique content on your blog/ website

When you build a post available for reprint, the article, by virtue of it being published on many different sites, currently now not qualifies as unique content.

In the eyes of search engine's robot, those pages with higher Pagerank and importance than yours can currently rank higher than you for the keywords your post are optimized for.

Instead of creating your post the main course, use it as an appetizer to direct search engines and readers to a unique, keyword rich, well optimized report or white paper on your blog/ website, and you will see dramatically totally different results.

2. Use your content as spider bait

Think of your content as simply the conduit that leads search engines to your blog/ website.

Publishing your articles everywhere the internet is like leaving scraps for a puppy that follows all of them the approach back to the kennel where it will feast on the prime course your unique article.

3. Use rich keyword anchor text in your content body

Use your main keyword or key phrase within the anchor text of the article that contains a link pointing back to your unique content.

This will produce many rich keyword links pointing back to the best optimized report on your blog/ website, and provides your pages a powerful edge over different websites.

Often this issue alone is sufficient to require your blog/ website to the highest of the search results, particularly with search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

The guidelines on top of embody few of the steps you would like to require to take top rankings to the search engines for the keywords of your choice.

That's all... Have a nice day dear.

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