Why Images Are Important For Blog Post

1. Images build blog lots of memorable

Images are the foremost necessary issue once it involves to attracting viewers. Without pictures, people cannot image you in their mind. Pictures help people keep in mind you and think of you a lot. As an example, let's pretend you visited two completely different websites. One was full with long articles without any images or videos. The other includes an image at the top of each article and maybe even includes a well designed brand logo. Once somebody mentions the first one to you, you may remember the title and a couple of other fuzzy details. Once somebody mentions the other one, you'll instantly remember the graphic logo and therefore the pictures related to the articles. This will be key once attempting to induce people to share articles.

Image help to remember

2. Images help people to remember what you told them.

This is necessary for two reasons. The primary reason is, if you are a real blogger, you wish to produce an interesting and intellectual experience for your readers. You wish people to think, "I learned so much!” Once I apprehend I taught people something interesting, I feel very good.
The second reason is that you just need people to inform people how they learned lots. This can build people lots of desperate to share your good content.

Be different with unique image

3. If you've got a theme that's only one color, pictures will create contrast, thus creating your blog a lot of interesting

If your blog includes a black theme and white words, it should look cool. But, once people visit your lovely blog, they'll be turned off. This can be for one amongst two reasons. First of all, somebody could inspect your blog and think, "This is so boring!" this can be as a result of they see a blank page filled with long articles. Many of us (especially currently within the age of dynamic content and extremely interactive presentations) don't desire to pay lots of your time for reading. People naturally need things that nearly pop off the webpage. Although adding a picture to your blog does not scale back the number of words or how (possibly) uninteresting your blog may be, it will assist reduce what I call "The pain of paying".

You may have detected this already. I saw it in article regarding why iTunes is so successful. This post described how Apple inc. commands off on charging customers to reduce "The pain of paying". In this case, I am not talking regarding cold money. I am talking about paying attention. This can be as a result of images supply a distraction from long articles.


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