The Difference Between On Page And Off Page SEO

Today we are going to discuss about the types of SEO. Let’s know…

Search Engine Optimization is a smart method of up the rank of a blog or website within the Search Engines Result Page. There are two phases to do SEO and both are important.

1. On page SEO
2. Off page SEO

On page SEO relates to the internal elements on a blog or website that determine its ranking position in search engines. On page SEO factors makes a blog more search engine friendly and if you can done it properly then your blog gets indexed and crawled faster by search engine robots.

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What is on page seo

On Page SEO Elements:
Domain Name
Title tag
Heading tag
Image alt tag
Meta tags
Internal backlinks

Domain name: Domain name is your blog’s name. I mean the address. You can simply find this blog when you type in your address bar and hit Enter. Always remember, your blog site’s domain name should be matched with your contents topic.
For example: if you write about SEO tutorials and you select your domain name then you are totally wrong. Try to keep similarity between your blog domain name and your blog contents.

Title tag: Title is one of the important part of all SEO practices. If you not optimize your blog title then you miss a big SEO factor for humans and search engines both. Keep in mind title should not be more than 66 characters.
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Heading tag: In On Page SEO components the Header Tags are an effective way to connect with the search engines to tell what a page about. Header tags are the things which search engines crawled first and search engine bots can know about the content’s topic of the blog.
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Image alt tag: Surely an attractive image can hold attention. It’s so necessary to use some cool images related with your post topic. This will enhance your readership.
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How to optimize images for search engines

Meta tags: Meta tags are the main and major part for SEO. I thing without meta tags a blog is blind in the eyes of search engines. (Title, Keywords and Description) are the Meta tags elements. Search engine loves Meta tags. Learn how to add Meta tags to your blog.

Internal backlinks: It is link exchange process within your blog pages only. Linking from one post to another post with proper keywords is called internal backlink. Wikipedia is a big example for internal backlinks. See below:

internal backlink example seo

Some other elements: On page optimization also includes with Keyword research, anchor text, XML and HTML sitemap and page load time etc.

Off Page SEO Elements:
External Backlink

What is off page seo

External backlink: Off page SEO factor is area of outbound link building. By this technique we can create backlinks to our blog so that we can get good traffic and ranking. It is necessary to get backlinks from quality and relevant sites. This technique also involved with social media marketing. This is one of the easy way to promote your blog. Off page optimization involves with Guest posting, article submission, forum posting, blog commenting, web directories submission and social media.

If you get any problem to understand, feel free to ask me. Be happy.


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  2. SEO should be in the back of your mind while setting up a website. From the choice of domain to the content, your decisions can affect how your site is ranked.


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